Do Siamese Cats Shed?

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Siamese cats are well-known for their short hair with their unique dark points. These cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats, and make perfect companions for many people and families everywhere. If you’re looking to get a new cat, chances are you could easily adopt a Siamese. So, do Siamese cats shed? We are here to give you all the information you may need.

However, their short hair has led to a lot of confusion as to whether they shed or not. With how popular this breed is, you may be considering getting yourself a Siamese cat. And if you are allergic to cat hair, it’s important to know if your potential cat will shed.

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A Siamese cat laying in a cat bed

In this article, we will be discussing whether or not Siamese cats shed, plus more about this cat breed.


Do Siamese Cats Shed?

Yes, Siamese cats do shed! They shed quite a lot, similar to every other breed of cat, and they can shed even more than other types of cats throughout different periods of their life. Around these times, Siamese cats will need to be groomed more so than usual. 

However, unlike other cats, you will not be able to predict the shedding patterns of a Siamese cat, so it is important to keep an eye out and act accordingly. 

Linx Point Siamese

It is important to note that because their hair is so short, you may not notice the shedding at all. This is because, unlike long-haired cats, the hair of a Siamese cat will not show up as much on furniture or clothes. 

Regardless of how small the hair is, don’t be fooled. This type of cat still sheds, and the Siamese still produces dander– which is the part of cat hair that humans can be allergic to. If you are allergic to cats, sadly you might still be allergic to Siamese cats.

Is It Necessary To Groom Siamese Cats?

Applehead Siamese Cat

Yes, you must groom your Siamese cats! These cats will lose their hair around twice a year, shedding more than normal during these periods. Therefore, they will need to be groomed during these times more than usual. 

However, it does not take a lot of effort to groom them, as all they will need is a quick brush. During the period when they are not shedding all of their hair, they will need to be groomed once a week

Here is the shedding process of a Siamese cat! 


This is the active phase of their hair and it occurs after the hair’s cells begin to rapidly divide. Then, new hair will start to form and the old hair will be pushed out of the follicle. The hair will grow by around one centimeter every twenty-eight days. 


The catagen phase will last for around ten to twenty days. Here, your cat’s old hair will cease to grow, and the strands will be cut off from the blood supply. 

brushing siamese cat


During the telogen phase, the hair strands will get to rest. So, they are no longer growing and are simply waiting to be pushed. This can take around three to four months to happen. 


During the exogen phase, the shedding will begin. The shedding stage will last anywhere between two to five months. You will be able to take care of the loose hairs by frequently washing and brushing your cat. 

What Grooming Tools Will You Need To Groom Your Siamese Cats?

The following grooming tools will be necessary for grooming your Siamese cat! 

  • A Grooming Brush – A good quality grooming brush will ensure you clear away dead cat hair in no time.
  • Cat Shampoo – Make sure that the shampoo is designed for cats and offers shed control qualities.
  • Lint Roller – For cat hair that you cannot clean off of furniture or clothing.
  • Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner – To ensure that your home is free from Siamese cat hair, which is very short and may not be seen clearly without vacuuming.
Siamese cat sitting in a chair

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic? 

There is a lot of confusion as to what classifies a cat as a hypoallergenic breed, and what does not. We are here to clear this up for you!

When an individual is allergic to a cat, they are more specifically allergic to some proteins that are produced by a cat. These proteins can be found in the saliva, dander, and urine of cats. Because every cat will produce these proteins, they all have the same amount of allergens. 

Unfortunately, this means that Siamese cats will not be better for a human’s allergies than any other cat. While they have short coats, so shedding won’t be as noticeable, these cute companions will still trigger human allergies.

This breed is a good example of the fact that fur has little to do with being allergic to cats, except for the fact that it spreads dander around. Sometimes, cat fur will spread dander around a significant amount, but dander can move around without cat hair. 

Siamese cat laying down

Despite these facts, Siamese cats are often depicted as being hypoallergenic, but this is purely for marketing purposes and has no basis in reality. In fact, there is no evidence for any hypoallergenic animals.

This is especially true of cats, since, as previously mentioned, all cats produce the proteins that people are allergic to, so no cat will cause more allergies than another. 

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, Siamese cats do actually shed! They will shed just as often as other types of cats and will need to be washed and brushed regularly. 

Also contrary to popular belief, Siamese cats are not hypoallergenic. In fact, there is actually a big misconception as to what causes an individual to be allergic to a cat.

Those allergic to cats are not allergic to cat hair, but proteins that can be found in cat dander, urine, and saliva.  Therefore, Siamese cats will not be suitable for those who are allergic to cats, much like any other cat breed

We hope this article tells you all you need to know about the shedding patterns of Siamese cats.

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