5 Small Cat Breeds You'll Want to Bring Home  


There are plenty of small cat breeds in existence – tiny little furry felines to crawl into your heart and steal your soul. 


Singapuras are affectionate and social, but also very active. You might be surprised to see the athletics this kitty can get up to, as well as their high-octane antics. They thrive on attention and love being in the spotlight. 


Interestingly, there are two types of Burmese, namely European (slender-bodied) and American (stockier and with a wider head). Regardless, these cats have luxurious, silky single-shade coats that come in a range of colors. These guys will win you over with their affectionate tendencies, often sticking to you like velcro. 

American Curl

A pint-sized cooing cat, the American Curl will wiggle and squirm its way into your family and your lap. They are very relaxed and easy-going, especially with new people or other pets. Their five to ten pounds of furry affection will often find itself attached to your side. 

Devon Rex

Monkey cat, imp cat, and Jack Russell are just some of the unique names these bat-eared cuties possess. The Devon Rex, or “poodle cat” because of its wavy coat, is a ridiculously funny cat that will have you in stitches with its silly games and crazy hijinks. 

Munchkin and Other Mixed Breed

The Munchkin cat is one of the most well-known tiny cats around, with their teeny little legs. However, we don’t recommend buying into this designer cat breed, because it’s harmful and cruel to the cat. 

World’s Smallest Wild Cats

While the breeding world has lots of cute little felines, the Rusty-Spotted Cat snatches the crown as the world’s tiniest feline furball. A meager 1.8 – 3.5 pounds on the scale, these are cats that stay small. The deadliest cat on the planet is the Black-Footed Cat. 

Tiny Cats – Big Personalities

So there we have it: some of the smallest cats around, but they more than make up for tiny stature with their larger-than-life presence in the house. These sweethearts will make their existence known in your home.

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