5 Top Tips for Traveling With Your Cat 

Buy a Safe Cat Carrier

The carrier you buy should be safe and comfortable for your cat. You need to find one that is well-ventilated, size appropriate for the length, height and weight of your cat, and well padded for their comfort. 

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Bring Things They Know

If you can’t take their regular bed, get a towel or blanket and put it in your cat’s bed a few days before the trip. They will transfer their smells to the blanket and you can take that with you.

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Staying in Hotel Rooms

Once you’re inside the room, it’s best to put up the Do Not Disturb sign so no one comes in and accidentally lets the cat out. Be sure to remind the staff that you have your cat in the room.

Preparing for Travel – Things to Know

1. Prepare the Carrier 2. Feed Your Cat 3. Allow kitty to get in the carrier - The ideal situation is for the cat to get in the carrier on their own.   4. Place the carrier in a secure spot in the car, even strapped into a seat belt, if possible.  

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What If My Cat Won’t Calm Down?

Spray the inside of the carrier and car with Feliway 20 minutes before you go. This mimics the pheromones that cats leave when they’re comfortable and relaxed in their territory.

Traveling with your cat can be a really lovely experience. Not all cats will reject the idea like you’ve lost your mind. You just need to give them a little bit of extra love and make sure they are comfortable and surrounded by things they know. 

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