5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Making Your Cat Happy

If your cat appears to be bored, you can employ one or all of these five techniques to keep your cat from becoming moody or having behavioral problems due to lack of stimulation. 

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Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are an inexpensive way to keep you and your cat entertained for hours.

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Cats react to this herb through their olfactory glands. When a cat smells catnip, they go absolutely nuts!

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Pet Grass

Pet grass is just a patch of specially designed grass for your pet to play in and a natural part of most animals’ diets.

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Homemade Toys

Most of the time when you do your cat will ignore the expensive gift because they are more interested in the packaging it came in.

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Paying attention to your cat is one of the best ways to alleviate any bad behavior or moodiness.

Cats can be easily entertained in many different ways. It is all a matter of finding enough for your cat to do during the day. 

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