5 Adorable Cats with Fluffy Tails  

There are likely up to 70 different breeds of cats around today, with a wide variety of shapes, faces, sizes, tails, and temperaments of all kinds. This is good news because it means there are a good amount of cat breeds with fluffy tails! 

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Nebelung cats look very similar to Russian Blue cats, with their very similar colored coats and often deep blue or green eyes.

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Maine Coon

Best known as the biggest recognized breed of domestic cats in the world, Maine Coons can get truly massive when it comes to domestic cat sizes.

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Also known in Europe as Himalayan Persians, these cats are just as fluffy as their more well-known related breed.

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Also known as the sacred cat of Burma, there is no clear record as to when this breed was first noticed and recognized.

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If unique is the aim of the game that you’re playing, then you’re going to get more unique than the Somali cat breed.

As you can see, there are plenty of cat breeds out there with long, fluffy tails that are just waiting to be stroked. Just make sure that you’re stroking these little kitties with care! 

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