Are Black Cats Bad Luck?


According to some old wives tales, black cats are seen as omens and symbols of bad luck. Coming across a black cat is thought to be a sign that bad things are about to happen. But while our superstitious selves like to believe in things like this, are black cats bad luck? 

A folklore about a man and his son tells the tale of the two throwing rocks at the cat. When the black cat limped away, it went into the cottage of a woman who was believed to be a witch. The next day that woman was seen limping and bruised around the town which led the townspeople to believe the witch could disguise herself as a black cat. 

Where Do These Stories Come From?

Black cats aren’t bad luck. They’re just like any other cat breed. And yet they’re treated differently because of the superstition.

The Truth – Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Studies have found that black cats have a 50-75% less chance of being adopted out of a shelter than other types of cats. 

Why This Superstition is Harmful

 If you’re adopting a kitten, please heavily consider taking home a black cat so that they don’t have to sit in the shelter any longer. 

Kindness to Black Cats

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