Black Maine Coon Cat: Everything You Need to Know


The black Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest breeds in North America, originating from, well you guessed it, Maine.

There are two main factors that determine the cat’s coat. The first is that both parents must carry the dominant black color gene. 

The Black Maine Coon

When they’re born, black Maine Coon kittens will have blue eyes. Interestingly it is not possible for adult Maine Coon cats to have blue eyes. 


Black Maine Coons can vary in size. The range that you can expect one to weigh is between 8-18 pounds. 


Not only do the ears stand up, they also have tips at the end more commonly seen on lynxes.


Maine Coons require a high protein diet. When buying food, always check the food is the appropriate age range of your cat.  

How To Care For a Black Maine Coon

Despite the association that black cats have with bad luck in superstition, the black Maine Coon Cat is the most popular Maine Coon color with people looking to bring one into their family.  

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