Bringing Home A New Kitten?  Kitten Care 101 

That Cuddly Cat

If you’re wondering how to raise a kitten, you’ll find all the basics in this post. Caring for cats can be confusing and difficult at times, as it’s not always intuitive what they need as far as attention, food, and healthcare.


The most important thing is to put anything valuable or breakable away entirely. Even small kittens around 8-10 weeks of age can jump very high and scale curtains, walls, and even people!

Preparing Your Home


Before your new housemate comes home, they need some things from you. Litter box and litter. Appropriate kitten food, Water bowl  , Scratching post , Cat toys and a bed.

Supplies for Your New Kitten



When adopting a kitten, be prepared for a bit of a wild ride. Kittens have a lot of energy, are super curious about the world around them, and need lots of attention. If you aren’t ready for that, consider adopting an adult cat instead.

Adopting Your Kitten


It’s always exciting to bring a new kitten home, but try to remember this might be a scary experience for them. New smells, sights, and sounds can make a kitten nervous. 

Bringing Your Kitten Home


The number one rule is take it slow. Wait a few days before introducing your pets. These days allow them to scent each other and get used to their smells.

Introducing Your Kitten to Older Cats


First, cats don’t need to be litter trained. Kittens will instinctively want to use the litter box, so as long as you provide a litter box and show them where it is they will use it.

Training a Kitten


When your kitten is eight weeks old, they need to go to the vet for their first round of vaccinations. These shots protect them from things like feline distemper, panleukopenia, and other viruses.

Making Vet Appointments


Don’t make your house chaotic for the kitten. If they have bad experiences in your house, they will associate you with bad things. They may become scared, and hide most of the time.

Things Not to Do

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