Can Cats Swim?


These sassy companions have many abilities under their belt. But swimming? It’s not something that cats are necessarily known for.

The short answer is yes, cats can certainly swim just like most other animals on Earth. It’s adaptive for them to be able to survive in water.  

Well, Can Cats Swim?

Cats don’t tend to enjoy being wet, cold, or in the water. This isn’t because they dislike the taste of saltwater or even the feeling of the water against their fur. 

Why Do Most Cats Not Like To Swim?

It is probably not a learned behavior, but entirely instinctual, and it is a behavior that has remained consistent throughout history.

Where Did This Fear Come From?

This theory suggests that domestic cats developed a fear of water due to an unfortunate incident during their upbringing. 

Fear of Drowning

Another theory recommends that domestic cats become scared of water due to interacting with contaminated fluids. 

Fear Of Contamination

A third theory proposes that domestic cats became afraid of water due to experiences involving painful events. 

Fear Of Pain

As mentioned above, there is no solid evidence that shows that wild cats enjoy swimming. In fact, some scientists believe that wild cats actually dislike water.

Do Wild Cats Enjoy Swimming?

Cats can swim, and they can swim very well, but why most of them don’t like it is not entirely certain. 

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