Cat Care 101: How to Care for a Cat 

 Cats, whether in the prime of their lives or once they’ve gotten older, have very specific needs. What you feed them, how you care for them is all going to affect their wellbeing.  

There are many different types of cat food, from dry to wet, raw or freeze-dried, and all different formulas promising different results. 

Cat Food

What you chose for litter depends on your budget, and the needs of your cat. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what your cat likes best. 


The best way to play with cats is to remember their instincts, and why they like to play. 


When you’re petting your cat, pay attention to what they like and don’t like. 


Our favorite place to buy cat supplies is online at You can get up to 30% off on auto shipments of the products you purchase regularly.

Stock up on Cat Supplies

Remember that you are your entire cat’s world. They live in your house, eat your food, and interact almost exclusively with you. If you take the time and put in the effort to be a good owner to your cat, they will be your companion forever. 

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