Flame Point Siamese Cats: Everything You Need to Know


Siamese cats are beloved for their gentle, curious, and protective nature. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about Flame Point Siamese Cats. 

A Flame Point Siamese cat is the result of breeding a Siamese and an American Tabby Shorthair. It has a mostly white or cream body with a unique coat.  

What is a Flame Point Siamese?

Being originally bred and found in what is now Thailand, formerly Siam, the Siamese cat would eventually become very popular across North America and Europe 

History Of The Flame Point Siamese Cat

Flame Point Siamese fit neatly into the average for many other cat breeds, weighing just under 15 pounds on average, and reaching 21 inches in height. 


When socialized correctly, Flame Point Siamese cats are great for virtually any kind of household.  


These cats also live quite a long time, averaging out at around 15 years, although proper care can help them reach as old as 20 in some cases. 

General Health

As you can imagine, Flame Point Siamese cats are a very rare breed to find for yourself.

A Very Rare Breed

In short, getting a Flame Point Siamese cat for yourself can be tough. But once you have one, you’ll see why they’re worth every penny! 

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