How To Bond With Your Cat


Building a bond with your cat can seem difficult at first. Cats often come off as aloof or unloving if you don’t pay close attention to their behavior. But with some simple tricks, you’ll have lots of feline companions. 

Cats are cautious animals. During your first few interactions with the cat let them initiate most of the touch. 

Let them Have their Own Space

Giving a cat calm attention goes a long way for them to trust you. Loud noises and sudden movements can also startle cats easily.

Provide a Calm Environment and Stability

A house cat is an inherently loving animal that needs affection, attention, and love from you. 

Pay Attention to Them

Cats love treats. While food itself is not a gift, a special treat of shrimp or tuna most certainly is. A new toy can also ingratiate you to your cat.  

Give Treats & Gifts

Once a cat is bonded to you they may start to follow you around, trying to get attention. They will often sit in your lap or rub against your legs.

How to Know if Your Cat is Bonded With You

Getting a cat to bond with you can be a bit difficult at first. Treat them as you would treat a friend, be loyal, compassionate, and patient. Continue to treat your cat with respect and kindness and you’ll have a long friendship ahead of you. 

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