How to Choose the Right Breed

Which breed is right for you?

If you’re not really sure what type of cat breed you might like, here are some tips that might lead you to choose the right cat breed for you.

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Some cat breeds can actually be quite noisy. Breeds that are very vocal are the Siamese Cat, the Korat, and the Burmese.

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Looking for a cat who can amuse themselves and will not get into constant mischief or homebound with a lot of free time and want  a cat as a source of entertainment?

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Long hair or short hair?

Grooming adult long haired cats can take up quite a lot of time. Do you have the time?

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If you’re allergic to the dander or fur of a cat, but want to get one anyway, a Sphinx might be the right breed for you.

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A lot of cat owners decide on what breed they like best based on the color of their fur or their eyes, like cats with blue eyes.

These are just some ideas on the types of breeds. Remember to do lots of research beforehand.

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