5 Ways Cats Pamper Their Humans  

That Cuddly Cat

You may not have taken the time to think about it this way before, that cats are very good at subtly pampering you, from hopping up on your lap to offer a cuddle, to teaching you how to be more calm and joyful about your life.


Your cat may just help you get a better night’s sleep. Researchers have been measuring the sleep patterns of individuals who sleep with their pets by their sides.

They Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep


You may not realize it, but your cat may also be pampering you with their busy paws. Cat lovers are very familiar with the kneading action that many cats make with their paws

They’re Great For Massages


It is believed that the sound can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and aid your ability to fall asleep.

The Allure of the Sweet Purr


Companionship is one of the biggest reason people get cats in the first place. Cats provide a type of companionship that is marked by loyalty and affection.



It has been argued in the past that animals often experience life more richly than humans. Cats pamper their owners by teaching them a better life philosophy.

Teaching You a Life Philosophy

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