Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? 


Why do cats follow their humans around tirelessly? We have all the answers to why your cat pal loves being your shadow. 

A house cat is an inherently loving animal that needs affection, attention, and love from you.  

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

When a cat follows you for attention, they will also be meowing and rubbing against your legs. 

Your Cat is Trying to Get Your Attention

The saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is so true. Cats get themselves into all kinds of trouble just to see what’s going on. 

Your Cat is Curious

If your cat is following you around, they may need something. Check their food and water bowls to make sure that they have both of those. 

They Need Something

There are a couple reasons your cat might be following you everywhere. It’s completely normal cat behavior, and is nothing to be worried about. Pay attention to their needs, and if you notice something is wrong try to fix is as soon as you can. 

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