Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair? 


It’s odd behavior that we often think is cute. To cats, this is their way of cleaning themselves and keeping cool, but it can make you question why does my cat lick my hair? 

Cats learn their grooming behavior as kittens from their mother grooming them.

It’s Their Instinct

There’s a good chance that licking your hair is a way of claiming you as their territory. 

They’re Claiming Their Territory 

Many cats will groom to relieve stress, which is also why you’ll see cats grooming themselves right before they lay down for a nap. 

To Relieve Stress

Cats will spend about 30%-50% of their time grooming themselves. Grooming keeps their fur and skin healthy and keeps them cool on hot days. 

It Keeps Them Healthy

Licking your hair shouldn’t cause them any harm, as long as all that’s in your hair is natural oils. 

Is Licking My Hair Bad For My Cat?

Whilst grooming is quite a sweet gesture and most cats will do it because they love you and want to make sure you’re clean.

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