With So Many Breeds To Choose From, Which is Right For You?   

Deciding on the best cat breed to suit your needs is a difficult task. There are many things to take into consideration, like how they behave around kids, if they are more allergenic, if they shed a lot and are harder to groom, etc. 

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When choosing a cat, pay close attention to what their personality is. Is the animal playful, skittish, rough, quiet or loud?

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Kitten or Cat?

Adopting an older cat cost less initially. You will pay an adoption fee, usually somewhere between $30-$50, and your cat comes with all its shots and fixed. You will be responsible for the cost of all that when getting a kitten.

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Short Hair or Long Hair?

All cats shed no matter what hair type they have and so cleaning will be a must for both. Shorthaired cats seem to have hair all over the place, where longhaired cats seem to have clumps here and there.

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Buying vs Adopting

Rescuing a cat from a shelter can be very rewarding and heartwarming. To know that you saved a cat and gave it a loving home is a great gift

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Commitment Level

Cats live ten to fifteen, sometime twenty years. When you are adopting a cat, you are adopting a long-term commitment to care for that cat.

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