Are  Cats Ticklish?

Our beloved feline companions have many stereotypes about them, one being that they are highly competent predators. Due to this, it is kind of hard to imagine them in a situation where they are completely helpless. 

The tickle response is actually an involuntary physical reaction to something touching your skin.  The reason for it is to protect your skin from getting damaged by something foreign touching it. This happens with every part of your body. 

What Is The Tickle Response?

Cats have a ticklish face mainly due to their whiskers which also act as sensors, detecting any movement around them. 

Where Are Cats Ticklish?

A thing to note is that cats are sensitive to pain, and it is difficult to tell whether they are being tickled or in pain.  

How To Know When To Stop Tickling A Cat

We would say yes! A lot of people who own cats say they like being tickled, and often it comes as part and parcel with playing with them. 

Do Cats Like Being Tickled?

Play with your cat and incorporate tickling into the play, including petting, scratching, playing with toys, grooming and cuddling. 

Incorporate Tickling Into Play 

You should never use force to play with your cat or pinch their skin. Also, you shouldn’t do it during meal times or nap times.

What Not To Do 

So, cats are ticklish, but unlike humans they are not adverse to it as we are. Make no mistake, though, there is a point for cats where tickling stops being enjoyable, and they will ask for it to stop. 

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