Hi. Jillian and Bowser here! I’m one of the cat lovers who will be sharing my knowledge and experience about cats, as I’ve had many feline friends over the years.

I love to not only share knowledge about cats with others but also celebrate their awesomeness. In this blog, I’ll share my own stories about our cats, as well as share advice on how to love and advocate for cats everywhere.

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jillian morris

How to Care for a cat

From the day you bring home a new kitten, to the last day of their hopefully long and vivacious life, you will be wondering how to care for them properly. Trust us, we know all too well how scary, interesting, and unique our cat friends are. Here are some helpful tips for caring for your little one.



If you’re looking for a specific cat breed to join your family or just want to learn about all the different types and variations of cat breeds out there, we’ve got tons of great and helpful articles.