Cat Behaviors Explained  

That Cuddly Cat

Cats are curious creatures and can get up to some weird antics. How much of this behavior is normal, and why cats do those behaviors.

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Cats’ predilection for chewing or licking strange things like plastic is a common problem for pet owners.

Why Does My Cat Chew On Plastic?



Learning to understand your cat’s tail, and when they are controlling it voluntarily versus involuntarily.

Cats love to groom themselves, it’s a built-in habit for cats. Some cats sit above their owner’s head and pick through their hair and lick them clean.



Instead of wagging their tails and licking your face, cats will do strange little things such as reaching out their paws to show their affection.

Why Does My Cat Reach His Paw Out To Me?

A cat’s aggression can mean many different things, so it’s important to understand why your cat attacks.

Why Does My Cat Attack Me Unprovoked?


Cats are weird animals. They’re unique and have their own way of showing affection.It’s not behavior you see in other animals and is purely a cat habit.

Why Does A Cat Knead?


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