25 Typical Cat Behaviors Explained

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Cats are curious creatures. That’s something that every cat owner knows, and every potential cat owner should learn. They’re unlike any other animal, and are extremely unique both on a species level and an individual level. Each cat has it’s own specific oddities and intricacies.

But cats get up to some weird antics. They scratch, bite, and claw. They jump, and sprint around like crazy. They’ll try eating lots of things. They’ll follow you, and climb onto your chest to sleep and snuggle.

An orange cat laying on its side by a sign that says cat behavior, typical cat behaviors explained

Through all of this you may be wondering how much of this behavior is normal, and why cats do those behaviors. We’ll show you what’s normal, what you should worry about, and why cats do all these things in this article.


25 Typical Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are curious creatures and can get up to some weird antics. How much of this behavior is normal, and why cats do those behaviors. Here are 25 typical cat behaviors explained.

Final Thoughts

Cats are weird, cryptic, and hard to understand at first. We hope this list was enlightening, and helpful on your journey to become a better, more experienced cat owner.

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