Why Does My Cat Reach His Paw Out to Me? 

Cats have a different way of communicating that is very distinctive. I’m sure you have wondered – why does my cat reach his paw out to me?   

Typically, by paying close attention to your cat’s body language, you will understand that they just want to be petted. 

They Are Asking To Be Pet

So, your cat’s reaching paw could just simply be them stretching out their claws from a long nap. 

They Are Simply Stretching

There are endless ways a cat can ask for extra attention including sitting on your lap, kneading their paws into you, and reaching out to you.

They Want Attention

 This could be his way of communicating that he is hungry. 

Your Cat Might Be Hungry

So, if your cat extends their paw to you, don’t ignore it, this behavior just means that they want someone to play with. 

They Want Someone To Play With

From observing their owners’ behaviors, cats have learned to do it themselves and are possibly just returning the gesture. 

They Are Mimicking You

The best thing to do if your cat is showing signs of discomfort is to check their paws for any cuts or scratches and apply some ointment if needed. 

Your Cat May Be In Pain

While reaching out their paws is a sweet and endearing gesture from cats; it shouldn’t be overlooked with a quick pat on the back. Your furry friend may be in need of your attention. 

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