Best Raw Cat Foods: Freeze-Dried Brands for your Cat

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Finding the best raw cat foods for your feline companion is no easy task, especially with all the options on the market. If you want to feed your cat a raw food diet, there are some tasty options that they will love.

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A raw food diet includes food similar to what they would hunt for in the wild. A lot of cat parents choose to make their own homemade cat food. But there are some quality raw cat food brands that don’t take as much time to prepare and are just as good.

Picking a nutritional raw food for your kitty isn’t as easy as it sounds. Add in trying to find a brand your cat likes, and the task becomes a little tricky. 

Choosing the right food is a necessary part of caring for your cat. This is why we’ve researched, tested, and selected the top raw cat foods on the market, so you don’t have to. These products are guaranteed to get your cats licking their lips and meowing for more. 

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Why Choose Raw Cat Food?

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As mentioned above, a raw cat food diet mimics the type of nutrition your cat would get if they were in the wild. Since being domesticated, cats seem to prefer napping in the sun rather than hunting for food. Meaning it’s your job to serve them the nutrients they need. 

Raw cat food can be a delicious and nutritious addition to a dry or wet food diet. While some cat owners choose to make homemade raw cat food, handling actual raw meat can cause food-borne illnesses for both you and your kitty. This is why most of the raw cat food brands offer freeze-dried cat food, ensuring the food is safe for both you and your feline companion. 

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5 Best Raw Cat Foods – Brands Reviewed

Many cat food brands offer a raw food range, but which one offers the best and tastiest experience for your cat? Here you’ll find the pros and cons of the best freeze-dried cat food on the market. 

Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

This freeze-dried blend of salmon and chicken from Stella & Chewy will make mealtime your cat’s favorite time of day. The raw meat in the food consists of both organs and bones, something you won’t find in most wet and dry cat foods. 

It also contains digestive aids like probiotics and pumpkin seeds. The tasty flavor will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 


  • No grain, gluten, or filler
  • Various flavor options
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Needs to be hydrated with water
  • High in calories

Instinct RawBoost Mixers

If you want to add a little raw food to your cat’s diet, you can add Nature’s Variety Instinct RawBoost Mixers. These make an excellent addition to your cat’s diet and will not only add extra nutrients, but they’ll also entice your kitty’s taste buds. 

These boosters also work as an occasional treat and can lure in fussy cats. It also comes in two flavors, so you can choose depending on your feline’s preference. 


  • No grains, artificial colorants, or preservatives
  • Chicken and rabbit flavors
  • Made from real meat
  • Full of protein


  • Just a topper, not a complete meal
  • Vague serving instructions

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Add a little raw food into your feline’s meal with this raw food from Vital Essentials. If you’re a bit hesitant about adding raw food to your cat’s diet, this is a great way to start.

This raw freeze-dried cat food comes in a variety of flavors to please your kitty’s palate. It’s also made from a limited ingredient recipe which is great for cats with allergies


  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Rich in amino acids and vitamins 
  • Gluten-free


  • More expensive than the other options on this list
  • Not a complete diet, just a snack

Feline Natural Cat Food

Your cats won’t be able to resist devouring this raw cat food from Feline Natural. It’s suitable for kittens, adult cats, and seniors. It’s packed with calories which are especially useful for older cats. It is also full of phosphorus that offers kidney support.

You won’t find any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives in this food. It comes in three different flavors, namely Chicken & Lamb, Beef & Hoki, and Lamb & Salmon. You can either serve it dry or add a little water


  • Packed with vitamins and supplements
  • High in meat and low in carbohydrates
  • Doesn’t contain fillers, legumes, GMO ingredients, or preservatives


  • Expensive
  • Some cats turn their nose up at this food

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Dry Cat Food

Treat your cat with Merrick’s Raw Infused Dry Cat Food. Merrick is one of the best raw food brands. It comes in three different flavors as well as bags of various sizes. So you can buy a smaller bag to test if your cat likes it, or a bigger bag to keep them fed for longer.

The best thing about this recipe? Not only is it a dry cat food, but it also contains freeze-dried real pieces of raw meat. And if you’ve got a kitten on your hands, you’re in luck because this recipe comes in a raw meat kitten recipe.


  • Includes Omega Fatty Acids For Healthy Skin And Fur
  • Easily digested
  • Benefits of a raw diet, with the convenience of kibble


  • Some fussy eaters won’t like this food
  • Pieces can be a bit big for some cats

Summary of the Best Raw Cat Food

The overall best raw foods for cats is Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food. But all the options on this list are great. And getting your hands on some top-quality raw cat foods online is as easy as the click of a button with online stores like Amazon. Not only does it require little to no preparation, but the food is full of everything your cat needs to be happy and healthy. 

A raw cat food diet can be an excellent and healthy choice for your cat. Plus, your cat might even follow you around looking for more after you introduce raw food to their diet.


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