Best Cat Condos: Give Your Cat Their Own Space

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Cats love to do many things, but there are two things cats like to do more than anything else. They love to scratch and they love to sleep. That is why cat condos are the perfect accessory to give your cat.

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cat in cat condo

It might sound a bit strange to give your cat a home inside your home. They might already have a cat bed, or somewhere they like to sleep, and they might also already have a scratching post. But a cat condo is a different thing altogether. For something more substantial check out these cat trees. They are perfect for bigger cats.

A cat condo is like letting them have a place of their own. A place where they can feel safe and protected, but also just to snooze in and be comfortable. Read on to learn more about why your cat needs its space and to see the best cat condos that we recommend. Take a look at these outdoor “catios”. Protect your cat while they enjoy the outdoors.

Why a Kitty Condo?

cat peeking out from condo

You spend a lot of time sitting on chairs and sofas, lounging in bed, and finding your comfortable place to curl up inside your home. So why shouldn’t your cat have that same luxury?

Cats want to feel like they own your home, just as much as you do. Perhaps they already do and you’re just living there. But in seriousness, it’s your job to provide your cat with what it needs to be happy and comfortable. A cat condo is the best way to accomplish that.

Cat in a box of a kitty condo

Here are the main reasons to get your cat a cat condo:

  • It gives them exercise
  • It keeps them busy and entertained
  • It gives them their own personal space where they can feel safe
  • It makes them feel like king of the castle perched up high
  • It’s helpful if you have multiple cats so they can each have their own place

Kitty Condo Requirements

There are a few things that you need to make sure your kitty condo has before bringing it home to your cat. It should have at least one scratching post, a cat perch, a cat bed, and a cat tree. These elements are what make it a kitty condo.

1. Scratching Post

Scratching posts are probably the most important part of the whole deal. Cats NEED to scratch. This is how they keep their nails trimmed and healthy. They also get their exercise this way. Make sure it accommodates the amount and activity level of your cats.

2. Perch

2 cats in a perch

Cats also LOVE perches. They love to be up high looking at everything around them. Some cat perches are designed to be placed on a windowsill so that your cat can look out of a window. This is something that cats love to do.

3. Bed

One cat in a bed like perch

A cat needs a bed that is private, clean, and quiet. Old blankets, pillows and towels work great. These things seem to be where they tend to sleep even if you buy the most expensive cat bed. They will be just as happy with this as they would a silk lined bed stuffed with Egyptian cotton.

4. Tree

A cat tree is an artificial structure for a cat to climb and play on. We all know that cats like to play, but they also need to work out their aggression and get some exercise. The cat tree allows for all those things. It can also make your cat feel safe in the environment, even with other people around.

Best Cat Condos to Purchase


A great kitty condo maker is Feandrea. They have two different sizes of condos, so you can choose which one fits in your space the best. There’s a large one, pictured above, that has 3 perches, 2 caves, and an activity center. The smaller one has two perches and one cave.

Nova Microdermabrasion

Strange name, but this cat condo is the stuff of cat dreams. If you’re looking to pamper your cat with a trusted luxury kitty condo, the Nova Microdermabrasion has everything. They make amazing condos that will have your cat swooning!

Kitty City

One of the more unique condo options is the Kitty City condo. This kitty condo has a great modular design, meaning you can hand pic the best design to fit your feline’s needs. The mega kit is an affordable condo that can accommodate multiple kitties. And best of all, it’s super lightweight and easy to move around.

rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

The grand daddy of all cat condos is one like the one pictured above by rabbitgoo. It has everything a kitty could ever need. Toys, scratching posts, multiple platforms, a hammock, a cozy cradle, and most importantly, a high place to perch. It’s a great affordable option to get the most bang for your buck. This cat tower is particular good if you have multiple cats.

Amazon Basics Cat Tree

If you want to keep it sort of simple, the Amazon Basics cat tree is a good choice. It has multiple scratching posts, two perches and an enclosure. It comes in a few light colors that can blend well with home decor. It has has a port for a dangling toy for your cat to play with.


Kitty condos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and layouts that should meet the approval of your cat. They are usually carpeted and give your cat several levels for lots of enjoyment. It provides the perfect place for your cat to scratch, sleep, and perch from high on their throne.


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