10 Absurd Things Cat Owners Know About Their Cat

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Cats are very unique animals and every cat owner knows this. As with every relationship we have, our relationship with our cat is complex and sometimes mystifying. If you have ever owned a cat, there are a few absurd things cat owners know about their cat – a sort of code that every cat owner can relate to.

This might sound strange to a non-cat owner. Well, until you have one of your own you probably just can’t understand these known truths and bahavioral ticks that all cats have.

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cat laying down - absurd things cat owners know

They are moody, prissy, demanding, cuddly, and sly. And they definitely have distinct personalities, especially based on breed. Just for fun, we put together a list of 10 things that all cat owners know about their cats. Can you relate?


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The Weird Stuff Cats Do

1. So Much Sleeping!

cat sleeping

While us veteran cat owners know that a “cat nap” isn’t short at all, people who have never owned a cat before might be alarmed at how much their feline friend snoozes.

Cats sleep on average 15 hours a day, and can sleep up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period. That’s a lot! Cats evolved to be efficient predators, and that means lots of sleep. They had to prepare their bodies for the next chase or hunt for food.

Although house cats don’t need to hunt; their bodies are still made to be predatory. I know that if the cat is sleeping when I leave the house, she’ll most likely be right where I left her when I get back.

2. Cats Shed a Lot (and not just hair)

cat being brushed

Yes, cats are the fluffy companions that we know them as. And yes, shedding is very annoying. I’ve come to accept that none of my white shirts will ever be fully white again as they all are plastered in black cat hair.

However, one of the coolest things I’ve learned about cats while owning one is that they also occasionally shed their whiskers and claws. This isn’t general knowledge, and I one time had someone find one of my cat’s dead fingernails on a couch cushion before asking if I knew my cat was sick.

Cats have to get rid of old skin, whiskers, hair, and nails somehow. So they just fall off! It’s pretty cool to see a cat’s whisker super close up, so if you ever find one take a detailed look at it before tossing it out. They almost look like interlocked strings of dragon scales.

See a few cat breeds that don’t shed so much.

3. The Aloofness is Always an Act

cat being aloof

Cats are known for being less loyal and friendly than dogs. They’re cold and uncaring according to some people. But, a cat’s “leave me alone” attitude is generally an act.

People who have owned cats are often welcomed home to a loud crying kitty rubbing up against their legs. Cats put on a show of not caring about their owners, but it’s just that: a show. They’re really just soft cuddle bugs.

See the many ways that a cat pampers its human.

4. Butter Belongs in the Cupboard

cat licking lips

Cats are the master food snatcher. Anything that has been left on the counter is fair game for your feline’s next snack. This is especially true for butter that is left in the butter dish, open and waiting for the cat to taste. Cats also tend to eat bread and cheese, if left out.

Sometimes I come home to some very obvious tongue prints in our butter and I know the kitty has gotten into it. Butter is safe for cats in small amounts, but really it should be put in the cupboard.

5. So Does Toilet Paper

cat playing with toilet paper

Every cat owner has had the toilet paper conundrum. The cat has sunk their claws into the toilet paper roll and has realized that unraveling the entire thing onto the bathroom floor is great fun. It’s not, however, great fun to pick up the shredded remains of a desecrated roll.

Do you keep the door shut all the time and risk running into the door in the middle of the night? Do you keep your toilet paper under the bathroom sink and have to consciously grab it every time you use the bathroom? It seems like there’s no good solution…

But I’ll let you in on a little tip I learned from a friend a while back. If your cat loves unravelling your toilet paper, you can keep it in a Tupperware or other container on the toilet tank. The cat can’t unravel it, and generally can’t get it out of the tub. That’s a win!

6. Cardboard Boxes are Like a 5-Star Cat Hotel

cat in cardboard box

Never mind how expensive the cat tree you just bought is, the cat does not care. All the cat cares about is cardboard. Especially the cardboard box that you just got after ordering something online. Don’t be offended though, I promise the appeal of a new box will wear off and they will use the cat tree.

Cats love cardboard boxes because they instinctually seek small, sheltered places to hide. It makes them feel comfortable and safe. And not even the tiniest box is safe from a cat, they’ll probably still try to fit themselves into the box.

Here are a few other homemade cat toys that they’ll love just as much.

7. Socks Won’t Save Your Feet

cat biting

Cats like to play and bite. And nothing is a better target for aggression than your feet. Whether it be you moving around under the covers in the night, or simply petting them with your foot, you never know when the cat will decide they’ve had enough.

Socks will not save you from the abuse. Nice try, but cat claws go straight through fabric. If you’re trying to stop the pain we recommend at least four pairs of socks to soften the blow!

8. Sheet-Changing Day is an Ordeal

cat excited

In our house, the cat’s favorite day of the week is Sunday. Sunday is sheet-changing day, and the cat just adores sheet-changing day. When someone starts stripping the blankets off their bed, the cat hears and comes running.

After this, one of two things happens. Either she plops down in the middle of the unmade bed and refuses to move until we’ve given up on trying to change the sheets. Or she waits for us to begin changing the sheets so that she can attack every single air pocket that appears.

Sometimes we end up making her into the bed as a last resort.

9. Holding Hands is Not an Option

holding cat paws

There are some spots you just shouldn’t pet on a cat. And paws are a big no-no. The majority of cats will pull their paws away from you if you try to hold or pet them.

Cat’s paws and paw pads especially are extremely sensitive. They use this sensitivity to learn information about their surroundings such as texture, pressure, temperature, and they can even pick up on vibrations. This is why they often do like their paws held.

My cat happens to be friendly and good-natured, so sometimes I will hold her hand and she actually lets me. What am I supposed to do, not try to hold her paws? Cat’s paws are so cute with their little bean toes and soft fur!

10. Cats Do What They Want, When They Want

cat doing what it wants

The phrase “herding cats” is so perfectly descriptive of felines. There is no telling a cat what to do. When you want to cuddle, the cat is not having it. But when you don’t want to cuddle, the cat appears out of thin air.

My rule for interacting with cats is to let them choose what they want to be doing. Forcing a cat to do anything is a recipe for disaster and may land you with some scratch marks. Let your cat do it’s thing and you’ll be just fine.

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Cats are wonderful and very quirky animals, and thus their behavior often looks strange to an uninformed onlooker. Hopefully you liked these 10 things every cat owner knows about their cat!

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