Best Wet Food Feeder For Cats

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If you feed your cat wet cat food, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to use a wet food feeder. While that’s quite easy with dry food, it poses a bit more of a problem with wet food.

While dry food can be left out all day for your little pet to nibble on when they’re hungry, the same cannot be said for wet food.

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Best Wet Food Feeder For Cats

If wet food is left out for several hours, it can spoil and also attract unhealthy bacteria, which could lead to your cat becoming sick. 

This is where automatic feeders come in. These devices allow you to set the time you want your cat to be fed, and they have ice packs to keep your wet food cool. 

This article will be listing a few wet food feeders, so you can learn a little more about them and see if they would be worth your while! 

Best Wet Cat Food Feeders

TDYNASTY DESIGN Automatic Pet Feeder

This pet feeder works perfectly well with both wet and dry food, so if you prefer to feed your little cat a mixture of both, then this option is perfect for you. 

There are 5 different compartments, and they can each hold either 1.6 lbs of dry food or 2lbs of wet food.

They are also super secure, so you won’t have to worry about your greedy little pet getting into the compartments and sneaking a bite before lunchtime! 

While this feeder doesn’t have ice packs to keep the food cold, as long as you keep their wet food in the refrigerator before placing it into the feeder, it’ll be fine for the rest of the day as there’s a tight locking mechanism to keep it fresh. 

A lovely extra benefit from the control panel is the ability to record a little audio message!

Cats are incredibly sociable creatures, so if you’re out at work, then hearing your voice will allow them to feel less lonely while they’re away from you. 

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder 

This feeder is perfect if you like to feed your cat small meals throughout the day. This allows you to give them 4 or 5 spread out through an entire day.

You are also able to include dry food as well as wet food, and unlike the previous option, there are ice packs included in order to keep the wet food cool and fresh. 

There’s an advanced timer included, so you can program your cat’s meals to the times that suit you both best. 

It is also completely dishwasher safe (except for the base) and is battery operated! 

You also won’t need to worry about your cat tampering with it in order to get to their food early, as it has been designed to withstand all their little tricks. 

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

If you’re someone who works long hours or sometimes goes away for a couple of days, then this PetSafe feeder may be the one for you, as it enables you to schedule meals up to 4 days in advance! 

However, if you are feeding your pet wet food, this should only be scheduled within a time period of 12 to 24 hours, as this feeder doesn’t contain any ice packs. 

If you are doing this for a 24-hour period, then freezing the wet food beforehand is a good tip.

It will have defrosted by the time your little pet gets around to eating it, and it’ll be lovely and fresh for them. 

If you do plan to go away for a couple of nights, then you can fill this feeder with dry food and your little kitty will have food for up to 4 days! 

It is also super easy to clean, and can be used for two cats! 

Best Cat Food Options

When it comes to keeping your cat healthy and happy, it’s important to choose the highest quality food. Our team has curated a list of the best cat foods, based on customer reviews, quality ingredients, and price.

Buyer’s Guide – Wet Cat Feeders

While there are many options available, it can be hard to make a final decision on what wet food feeder you should buy.

This buyer’s guide is going to give you a helping hand by covering a few aspects you need to consider before deciding on your final purchase. 

Ice Packs 

If a can of wet food is not kept cool once opened, it can spoil rather quickly.

Due to this, it is best to choose a feeder that has inbuilt ice packs. This will keep your cat’s food fresh, cool, and safe for your cat to enjoy! 

Cat eating out of an auto feeder

Adjustable Feeding Times

The best cat feeders have adjustable feeding times, allowing you to set the time when your cat’s food becomes available. 

Having this flexibility gives you control and peace of mind over your cat’s eating habits when you’re not around. 

Some may have present schedules that can’t be changed, so this is something to look out for when deciding on a purchase. 


You must ensure that your cat feeder has been made with high-quality materials. They must be safe for cats, and BPA-free. This will usually be stated on a sticker on the product. 

You’ll also need one that is well-built, and won’t be able to be tampered with when your cats try to open it on their own (which they will at first!). 


What kind of power the feeder uses is very important. Some use only electricity, while others have dual power, where they operate on battery power if the power supply to your home cuts off. 

This will ensure that your cat will never go hungry if your house loses power while you are not around. 

two cats eating from bowls

Final Thoughts 

It isn’t always possible for us to be home, constantly with our pets, ensuring they are fed at the appropriate times. 

Automatic feeders can give you peace of mind while you aren’t home, ensuring that your cat is happy and fed when it should be. 

It is always to do your research and read reviews before purchasing.

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