Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

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Has your cat surreptitiously gorged on some chocolate left on the table or helped himself to a few truffles from a box of chocolates? Are you wondering if it’s okay to give your cat a bite of your chocolate bar?

We’ve all heard many times that dogs are not to be given chocolate because it is toxic to them. But does that same rule apply to your cat? Can cats eat chocolate without getting sick?

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Can Cats Eat Chocolate

Dogs and cats are very different animals, so it sparks the question of whether their bodies react differently to chocolate. Before you go feeding your cat any amount of chocolate, you should know that cats definitely cannot eat chocolate.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? 

Fortunately, this question can be answered very easily. No, cats cannot eat chocolate.

This means that they cannot eat chocolate in any amount. Of course, cats are stubborn creatures who will eat anything they like, but you should go to all efforts to ensure they don’t eat chocolate. 

Cat watching everything going on

Why Can’t Cats Eat Chocolate? 

The reason why cats can’t eat chocolate is because of three culprits – sugar, theobromine, and caffeine. 


Sugar is never good for cats. Not only can excessive sugar cause weight gain in cats, but chocolate (along with a lot of other sweet human treats) contains xylitol, which is a sugar substitute that is highly toxic to both cats and dogs. It’s a sugar substitute and a preservative designed only for human consumption.


Theobromine is a plant alkaloid found in cacao that naturally tastes rather bitter. When in conjunction with sugar and caffeine, theobromine works as a stimulant that aids urination, widens the blood vessels, and increases the heart rate in humans.

The same occurs in cats, which is why theobromine is considered highly toxic to them. 

Can Cats Eat Chocolate


Caffeine is equally dangerous to cats in the same ways that sugar and theobromine are.

Cats have different bodily structures to humans, with absolutely every organ being smaller and built differently. Their bodies aren’t designed to handle a fastened heart rate, which is why cats who consume sugar or caffeine often end up with heart and digestive problems. 

Can Cats Eat Unsweetened Chocolate?

If your cat isn’t allowed to eat confectionary chocolate because of the sugar, does that mean they can eat unsweetened chocolate? The answer is still a resounding no. 

Even the smallest amount of unsweetened chocolate can be dangerous for a cat because the chocolate still contains the toxic theobromine.

This means that even if your cat nibbles a small amount of this chocolate, you should take them to the vet immediately. 

A cat laying on a book wanting attention

What Happens When A Cat Eats Chocolate? 

If you think your cat might have accidentally eaten some chocolate, you should look out for any negative symptoms before making a decision to ring your vet.

Some cats might be able to handle a tiny amount of chocolate, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and take your pet to the veterinary surgery immediately on the grounds of poison. 

The vet will attempt to rid the poison from your cat’s body by inducing vomiting, which is achieved through a jab.

Your cat will then vomit up the chocolate and anything left in its stomach to prevent the toxins from entering the bloodstream.

orange cat opening its mouth to meow

The vet will then put the cat on fluids to regain their lost nutrients from the vomiting. 

If you wait too late, your cat will have to undergo a series of potentially extensive treatments to clean their bloodstream. 

Here are the main side effects that occur when a cat eats chocolate:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors and twitching
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased urination
  • Restlessness and hyperactivity
  • Increased thirst and excessive drinking
  • Panting and fast breathing
  • Seizures
  • Coma (when in the worst of situations)

Best Cat Food Options

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How To Stop A Cat From Eating Chocolate 

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

When it comes to stopping a cat from eating chocolate, prevention is key.

You need to keep your human food separate from your feline friend, especially if they are known for jumping to great heights.

This means you can’t afford to leave your chocolate and sweet treats on the counter!

Instead, keep your chocolate and other human food in a designated cupboard, jar, tin, or box.

Anything that contains chocolate needs to be properly stored away, even if it’s wrapped like a chocolate bar or cupcake.

Cats are curious and stubborn creatures, after all, so a frail little wrapper won’t stop them from getting what they want. 

A cat sitting on the kitchen counter

What To Feed Cats Instead Of Chocolate

Every owner wants to treat their pet. After all, who can resist those big eyes and pleading expressions

However, avoid giving them human food, and only treat them with their designated cat-approved treats. They will be equally thankful. 


So, there you have it! Unfortunately, cats cannot eat chocolate in any capacity.

This is because the sugar, theobromine, and caffeine are all toxic to cats, meaning you could end up rushing your kitty to the vets when they’ve taken a bite of your chocolate.

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