Do Cats Like Music? How to Know If Your Cat is Listening

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Much has been written about the power of music to soothe the soul, aid relaxation, and improve developmental brain functions. But that’s all related to humans. What about cats? Have you ever wondered do cats like music?

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Cat with headphones on

Cats do seem to enjoy music, but maybe not the kind of music you’re into. According to a study by Applied Animal Behavior Science, they like music that’s designed for them – a sort of “species-specific” music. So they aren’t going to be rocking out any time soon, but you can find music that your cat likes to listen to.

Musicians and music publishers have actually composed and released compilations of mood music, specifically designed to help mellow your favorite feline friend. 

Cats’ Unique Hearing

If you’re skeptical as to what music can do to help mellow your cat, consider this: a cat’s sense of hearing is remarkably sharper than a human’s. Research shows that cats have a much more expensive hearing range than humans, ranging between 45 to 64,000 Hz. 

Compare that with the average hearing range of a human, which is 23 to 64,000 Hz. Cats are particularly adept at sensing sounds at the low and high end of the spectrum. This may explain why cats are prone to their infamous “caterwauling” at the sound of discordant music or sounds. 

person giving their cat earbuds

Cat’s ears are physiologically designed to capture a variety of sounds, even those that occur at a far distance. The design of their ear canals allows cats to receive and magnify sounds, even at a far away distance. Cats have been shown to be able to detect relatively quiet sounds at distances of up to 30 feet away. 

Since cats have shown to have a very good sense of hearing, it makes sense that the right music can help mellow your cat. For instance, consider the sweet, slow strain of a violin featured in a classical composition. 

The sound is high enough to capture your cat’s attention, and may prove to have a sedative effect on him or them. 

cat in oversized headphones

What Kind Of Music Do Cats Like?

How do you know what kind of music to play for your cat? Some cats are incredibly expressive. Cat owners have told stories about pets who scurry out of the room at the sound of loud music or a blaring TV set. 

The best way to see what your cat prefers is to experiment. Try playing a soothing classical piece and see what happens. If you note no perceptible reaction, try experimenting with more upbeat jazz tempo pieces.

 Some animal behavior researchers claim that loud rock or heavy metal music can disrupt your pet’s relaxation patterns. 

cat next to a trumpet

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If you would like to promote your cat’s relaxation, and are considering making an investment in your cat’s sonic experience, you may want to consider purchasing one of several musical compilations designed specifically for your pet’s listening appreciation. 

There are options if you don’t want to spend any money on feline music. A quick youtube search can provide thousands of hours of music for your cats. At that point, it’s just up to you to sort the good from the bad.

Music Compilations Made for Cats

According to Professor Bubna-Littitz, his research shows that cats specifically sought out the music speakers while the soothing songs were being played. The cats became notably relaxed, and aggressive tendencies became subdued.

Included in Professor Bubna-Littitz’s CD is electronically synthesized versions of popular tunes such as ‘Endless Time,’ ‘Moonlight Walk,’ ‘Coming Home,’ and appropriately enough, ‘Memories,’ from the popular Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Cats.

Another popular song compilation aimed to keep your feline friend content and relaxed is Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats. Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats contains an hour of music designed to keep your dog relaxed at home, in the car, or when going to the vet.

The music is described as an environmental soundscape, created through the use of synthesized orchestrations. The music on this compilation was scored specifically for the hearing ranges of dogs and cats.

kitten with a violin

How to Know if Your Cat Likes Music

A cat will appreciate music in a different way than you, so it’s important to set up a situation that is pleasing to your cat, setting aside your own ideas of good music.

For instance, a cat’s whiskers are very sensitive to vibrations in the air and they are very sensitive to sounds. These heightened senses could mean that loud music or that with too much bass could be irritating to your cat.

Watch the way your cat communicates with the music you’re playing and adjust it to make him/her more happy. Cats can display their enjoying by rubbing up against the speakers or purring. They will show their distaste for something by leaving the room, meowing loudly, or headbutting you. Adjust the tone, pitch, bass, and tempo of the music you’re playing accordingly.


Music has been shown repeatedly to help induce a certain mood in cats. This can especially help if you have a rambunctious kitty.  So to answer the question of ‘do cats like music? Yes! They might have preferences for genre though!


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