How To Get Rid Of Matted Cat Fur

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Are you dealing with matted cat fur on your fluffy little one? No one – including your cat – loves matted cat fur. It can become a bigger problem if you leave it and don’t do anything about it. That’s why we’ve written this guide on how to get rid of matted cat fur.

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How to get rid of matted cat fur

Matted hair is one of the most common feline issues, which can also mean more hairballs. There can be many causes for a cat’s fur to become matted, from obesity to arthritis or lack of grooming. Matted fur is a problem you should deal with immediately and keep on top of to prevent further issues. 

How To Get Rid Of Matted Cat Fur?

Most long-haired felines have exceptionally thick fur, and if it isn’t cleaned or brushed regularly, it sticks together, producing clumps. 

Most of the time, the areas with the most matting is the areas where cats have a hard time grooming themselves. It will, in general, be on the rear of their legs, under their chin, or on their belly; however, tangled fur can show up anywhere.

Long haired cat sitting on the ground

Here we are going to describe some ways on how to get rid of matted cat fur:

Use your hand 

If the matting in your feline is not that serious, you can de-mat the hair using your hands. This is recommended in short-haired cats. You should de-mat when your kitten is calm. Do not pull the skin too much as it can cause them pain.

Use a brush

Using a cat brush or comb, de-mat your feline’s hair. Gently comb through your cat’s fur when she is calm. You can easily comb the mat out if it is not too tight.

A long haired cat being brushed

Use a mat comb

In case of the thick mat in the long hair of your feline, use a mat comb. This tool has a thin blade that will help cut the hair as you comb it through the matted area. These combs cut the fur when there are clumps in the way. They are sharp, and you should use them with extra care.

Always use a regular brush before using a mat comb. It’s more gently and not as destructive on the cat’s coat.

You should hold the feline’s hair in a manner that prevents pulling. You can start at the tip of the fur and move gradually up, detangling as you go.

Mat comb

Home remedies 

If brushing hasn’t helped get rid of matted cat fur, then you can use some home remedies.

  • Sprinkle some talc powder and brush through the matted fur. It will help if the coat on your feline is not too thick. 
  • You can use baby oil and rub it on the matted fur from the base to the end of the tip. Oil will naturally help fall off the matted hair in a few days. Combing through the oily hair will also help fall the fur off smoothly.
  • Just like baby oil, olive oil also works in the same manner as the matted hair will fall off on their own in 4 to 7 days. You can reapply the oil if all matted fur has not been removed.
  • Coconut oil also serves the same purpose. 

Professional Help

A cat having mattes removed

If your feline has extended mats and there is nothing you can do about it, it is time you bring your feline to the professional groomer or your vet. You should not use scissors or blades to de-mat the fur on your own. They squirm a lot and this could lead to you cutting the cat on accident. 

A professional will use the clippers and groom your cat, or they might use the mat-comb with some cat hair solutions. This depends upon the condition of the matted fur of your feline. 

The clippers can give a patchy cat look as it removes the hair from the affected site, but fur will grow back with time.

If you spot skin rashes or irritation in your feline, better get your cat checked by the vet. Your veterinarian will tell if your feline’s skin has been affected by the mats or if there is any other reason.  

White long haired cat being brushed


The ideal way to keep mats from forming frequently is to brush your feline routinely. Try not to pull the skin. Search for clumps on your feline’s fur and delicately detangle it with your fingers.

It would help if you started doing this when your feline is a kitten to make it get used to it. Always gently comb through your cat’s hair to not hurt her skin. 

If your cat cannot do self-grooming, regularly take her to the vet. It will also help eliminate the cause that is preventing your feline from grooming herself. It can be her obesity, dental problems or some other reason. 

Hopefully, now you know how to get rid of matted cat fur by reading the solutions in this article. 

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