9+ Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns

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Bengal Cats are one of the most popular cats to keep as a pet today, and for good reason. The Bengal is a sleek cat with a thick and luxurious coat that is easy to spot. They also are very friendly, curious, and playful which makes them the perfect companion.

While the Bengal can be easily spotted by their wedge-shaped head, small pointed ears, and bold marbling on their fur, they are known to also come in quite a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from if you are ever thinking of picking up one of these excitable and lovable pets. Learn all about Bengal cat colors and patterns that make them so unique.

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bengal cat colors

They are also particularly unique and beautiful cats. These mixes of the Asian leopard cat with a domestic shorthair keep the leopard cat’s exotic appearance, but with the nature of a domestic cat. They are still very active and love to explore, which harkens back to the cat’s wild roots.


Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns

Aside from color, Bengals also come in two distinct patterns which give them the look of their large wild cat ancestors. These two patterns are spotted and marbled, although there are subsets of both.

Spotted Bengals

Bengal cat

The spotted pattern is the most popular and widely known coat. If you’ve seen a Bengal or know what one looks like, chances are the mental image you have is a spotted Bengal. This pattern is characterized by small to medium spots that resemble what you’d see on a leopard or cheetah.

There are two sub-categories of spotted coats: single-spotted and rosette Bengals. Single-spotted Bengals are cats where the spots are only one color, whereas the rosette Bengal has spots that are two-toned. Rosette Bengals’ spots generally have a dark outer ring and a lighter inside color. The Bengal is actually the only domestic cat to have rosette patterned fur!

Marbled Bengals

marbled bengal cat

The other pattern is called a marble pattern. This is a less known pattern that looks like flowing stripes that intermingle in multiple colors. While not as widely known as the spotted Bengal, the marbled Bengal is just as beautiful and striking.

According to Bengalcats.co, “the marbled coat pattern is derived from blotched tabby stripes that swirl. The ideal marble Bengal cat has a horizontally flowing, random, asymmetrical pattern made up of swirls of two or more colors.”


Bengal Cat Colors

The most popular color that you will see worn on most Bengals is a smooth brown color, and lucky for owners, the shades of brown they can come in are essentially endless.

Whether you want a light golden cream brown color like beige or caramel or want something a bit darker like a reddish brown, essentially all brown variants and shades are available on Bengals and are extremely common, giving owners a massive variety of choices when choosing a cat. 

Brown Bengals are also known to have striking green or gold eyes along with a black tip to their tail, a white belly, and a red nose as if they couldn’t get any cuter.


Bengal Cat Colors

Another beautiful mix of colors that a lot of Bengals can be seen in is silver steel like fur contrasted with some jet black markings.

These are silver Bengals, relatively new to the breed and not as common as the brown breed, this base coat color actually didn’t start appearing until the 1990s, however it has gone on to become some of the most popular shade with owners 

There are three variants of silver colored Bengal cats:

Silver Charcoal

Darker than the other silver variants with dark/black markings on a marbling pattern known as ‘Zorro’ markings which lead from the face mask down the rest of the body, unfortunately, a sword is not included.

Silver Smoke

At first glance these Bengal variants can just look like one color, black, however, these cats actually have silver fur underneath to create a fur that is a very light shade of black with a beautiful silver tint to it.

Bengals can look a lot like a black leopard with this color shade, especially as they get bigger and older.

Silver Blue

Mixing the pale blue gray background with darker blue gray markings, blue Bengals are recognized for their ‘peach’ colors undertones that make this the lightest variant of silver that almost makes the cat look like a snow leopard, but with a gorgeous silver tint to the fur.


Bengal Cat Colors

Since the 1980s snow colors Bengals have been some of the most admired Bengal variants not just for the smooth colors and patterns they have on their fur, but also for just how many variants there are of this striking color.

If you have ever seen photos of a white coated domestic cat that could definitely be mistaken for a snow leopard with beady blue eyes, there is a high chance this is a snow Bengal. 

Here are the three most popular snow variants that all have their own unique shading and patterns:

Seal Lynx

The lightest variant of the three, the seal lynx snow fur is known for being a very bright and smooth creamy color with the markings on the back being less visible and a lot lighter than usual.

These Bengals can also be characterized by their dark brown tail tip and bright blue eyes. 

Snow Mink

snow mink bengal

Largely the same as the lynx, the Bengal mink is set apart by having slightly dark fur and more prominent markings thanks to its very light mixture of tan and snow.

These cats will also always have either green or aqua eyes. 

Snow Sepia

The sepia is more of a tan color but still retains that light creamy texture.

The shades of a sepia can vary a little bit both with their fur color and how dark their markings are, however, they will always have green or gold eyes along with a fur color that is generally darker than the other two that could even be mistaken as a light brown on first glance. 


Brown, silver, and snow are the three most common variants for Bengal cats, however, each of these has a plethora of shades to choose from making Bengal cats one of the most striking and beautiful cats out there to keep as a lively pet and companion. 

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