Can Two Cats Share A Litter Box?

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One great benefit of having a cat is that they get all of their business done inside a litter box, meaning you don’t need to take them out for walks as you do with dogs. 

While litter boxes are convenient, they can be a serious pain to clean, so if you’re the proud owner of two cats, you may be asking yourself, can two cats share a litter box?

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A cat standing in a litter box, can two cats share a litter box?

Unfortunately, this is far from the case. This article is going to discuss why you should not use the same litter box for two cats. 

Why Two Cats Shouldn’t Share A Litter Box 

If you have more than one cat, they should each have their own litter box, plus an extra one to be safe. This is for behavior and hygiene reasons.

The top three reasons not to share a litter box are: 

  1. Cats are also very territorial animals, and sharing a litter box can lead to them feeling anxious and stressed, which can ultimately lead to fighting. If one of your cats is more dominant, they may not let your other cat use the litter box, which can lead to them having to resort to using other areas of your home. Likewise, the less dominant cat may refrain from urinating in general, which can lead to kidney problems. 
  2. With two cats using the same litter box, it will fill up faster. If you’re away from home and don’t get the chance to clean it as often as necessary, your cats may refrain from using it and decide to do their business elsewhere in your home. 
  3. As you can imagine, a full litter box can breed harmful bacteria that can make both cats ill. 
two cats at a litter box

Where Should You Place Your Two Cat Litter Boxes? 

Where you place each litter box in your home is of crucial importance. If you have them next to each other, you’ll still encounter territorial issues from the more dominant cat. 

Therefore, the two litter boxes should be placed on opposite sides of your home. If you live in a small space, then try placing one in the bathroom, and the other in a hallway or nook. 

Both areas must be private, quiet, and easy for your cat to access. If one is in a better spot than the other, it can lead to issues where both cats want to use the same one. Cats are very much like children when it comes to their things. They’ll establish which is theirs and defend it. 

Cleaning Litter Boxes

While not having to take your cat out to go is a great benefit, you will instead need to keep on top of the cleanliness of their litter box. If you have two cats, both litter boxes need to be as clean as the other at all times. 

At the very least, you need to scoop out your cat’s droppings daily. Ideally, you’ll do this twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. Depending on the type of litter you are using, you’ll also need to scoop out their urine. With clumping litter, the job should be rather simple.

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If your schedule doesn’t allow you to maintain this, then we recommend using crystallized litter. This litter is very absorbent, and won’t release any odors, so you don’t need to worry about scooping up their urine, just their droppings. 

You’ll also need to handwash the entire litter box at least weekly. To do this, empty the entire contents of the litter box into a trash bag. Wash the box with mild soap and warm water and let it dry. Once it’s clean, add fresh litter to the box and place it back in its designated area. 

This should be completed once a week, but if you are using crystallized litter, you can go a few weeks using the same litter without replacing it. 

You should never use any harsh cleaning products to clean your litter box, such as bleach. This could lead to your cat avoiding using the box due to the harsh smell. You should always opt for mild soap, such as dish soap. 

One cat going in and one cat coming out of a litter box

So, Can Two Cats Share A Litter Box?

Having two cats is a great way to ensure they’ll always have company. However, this does mean that you need two litter boxes, and an extra one. 

This is more hygienic and will prevent any fights from happening between the two cats. These two litter boxes must be placed far away from each other, and they must both be in private, easily accessible areas. 

They should both be kept in good condition, with all droppings being scooped at least once a day, and the entire box being cleaned once a week.

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