How To Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

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Cats are creatures that need to keep entertained, and they tend to display all kinds of behavior that is sometimes questionable. One of these is scratching. Every cat owner has experienced the annoyance of their cat scratching away at their freshly fitted carpet, or their brand-new couch. 

While this behavior is irritating, it is actually very important for cats. This article will be discussing how to keep cats from scratching furniture and why they do it.

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A cat scratching a plastic covered foot stool

Why Do Cats Scratch? 

Scratching the furniture is a very normal part of a cat’s behavior. Wild cats would scratch their claws on whatever they could find in order to get rid of the dead layer of claws. 

This ensures their claws are always sharp and ready for hunting. Therefore, this behavior comes naturally to house cats.

Aside from this, scratching is also a way for them to mark their territory. Cats are very territorial animals, and there are scent glands between each of their claws.

Scratching different areas of your home is a way for them to let other animals that those spots are theirs. 

The visual scratch marks on these spots, let other animals know that those areas belong to them. 

Lastly, scratching is also a way for your cat to stretch out. This strengthens their upper body. 

An orange cat scratching a chair

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

As mentioned above, cats need to scratch as part of their daily routine. Therefore, in order for them to stop scratching your furniture, they must be provided with something that is equally desirable, or even better than your furniture. 

Get Them Some Scratch Posts 

cat looking down from cat tower

If your cat enjoys scratching in several areas of your home, then it is recommended that you provide them with not just one, but a few different scratch posts. 

These posts are designed specifically for this purpose and have a tough material that is appropriate for them to get rid of that dead layer on their claws. 

If you’d like to protect your furniture, then you can place the scratch posts close to these areas, so they choose the scratch posts instead. 

If you fancy spoiling your cat, you can get them a cat tree or cat condo. These are structures that contain scratch posts as well as little tunnels, cushions, and elevated areas for them to lounge in. 

Some also have interactive toys added to them. These are great if you’d like to provide your cat with some more entertainment.

You can even find cat trees that are suitable for several cats to use at the same time! 

Scratch Spray

If you’d like to protect your furniture even more, you can opt for using scratch spray. This spray will trick your kitty into thinking they have already marked their territory on a particular surface. 

While you can buy this in pet stores, it is pretty easy to whip up yourself! All you need to do is mix some vinegar, essential citrus oils, and garlic or peppermint together, and pour it into a spray bottle. 

Scratch Tape

Scratch tape is another great way to protect your furniture. It comes in the form of a double-sided sticky tape, and it can be placed on leather couches, any fabric, carpet, and other hard surfaces. 

The stickiness of the tape will deter your cat from scratching your furniture. It is also very easy to apply and take off. 

Never Declaw Your Cat

Some cat owners may toy with the idea of declawing their cats. This is a surgical procedure that involves the amputation of the end of the bone and claw of each of their toes. 

kitten climbing a persons leg

Cats that have been declawed are not allowed outdoors, as they will have no way of defending themselves due to their claws having been removed. 

This is considered a very inhumane procedure, and should never be done. Declawed cats have been shown to develop several issues after the procedure, such as increased aggression, and urination problems. 

While the idea of no more scratched furniture may appeal to some, there are far less cruel, and more humane ways to protect your furniture, such as the methods mentioned above in this article. 

Final Thoughts On How To Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

When cats scratch their claws on surfaces, it is merely them displaying regular behavior. 

Scratching is a way for them to remove the dead layer of claw that lies on the surface of their paws, and is also a way for them to mark their territory. 

It is also a great way for them to stretch and strengthen their upper body, so overall, it is something they need to do.

Providing them with appropriate scratching posts will deter them from using your furniture. Just to be safe, you can also use scratching spray, and scratching tape, on your sofas and any other surfaces they enjoy scratching on.

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A kitten clawing up a persons leg

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