How To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floor

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While being the proud owner of an adorable cat is lovely, dealing with cat litter is not. Every cat owner will tell you that it is virtually impossible to keep cat litter in the litter tray and not on the floor around it.

This article is going to be provide you with some guidance on how to keep cat litter off the floor as much as possible to restore your sanity and your clean house.

Cat litter has a tendency to get stuck to your cat’s paws, meaning they’re dragging it all over the house, and it’ll end up all over your floors, and even on your bed! This is referred to as litter tracking. 

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What’s worse is that cats seem to love digging in their litter trays, leaving more cat litter on the floor than in the actual tray. 

Different Kinds Of Litter Boxes

kitten in a litter box

The kind of litter box you use will determine how much litter makes it to your floor. There are several different types of litter boxes out there, with some being very affordable, and others on a higher scale. 

Top-Entry Litter Box

A top-entry litter box, as the name suggests, is in the shape of a box with an entryway at the top. This means your pet needs to climb into it, making it a little game for them at the same time! 

These litter boxes are the best at containing your cat’s litter, as the sides and front are completely enclosed.

Therefore, your cat can dig to its heart’s content, and you won’t need to worry about any litter making its way to the floor. 

They are also effective in preventing too much litter tracking, as your cat needs to climb out of it. This helps to capture any litter that is stuck to their paws, before making their way to the floor. 

Unfortunately, it is your cat’s decision, whether they use this kind of litter box or not, as some won’t take to it.

Litter Box With Ramp

Investing in a litter box with a ramp will really prevent too much litter tracking. These litter boxes feature a ramp that your cat needs to walk on as it enters and exits the litter box. 

This ramp is able to grasp onto any litter that has made its way onto your cat’s paws. Aside from this, these ramps are great for older or injured cats who struggle to climb into a litter box. 

Automatic Litter Box

Automatic litter boxes are the most expensive option, but they are great when it comes to reducing the amount of litter that makes its way to your floor. 

These are also a great option if you work long hours, as they detect when your cat has been to the toilet, and automatically scoop up their business. 

Different Kinds Of Cat Litter

A cat sniffing a litter box filled with crystal litter

The kind of cat litter you use will also determine how much of it ends up around your home. There are many kinds out there that are fine and come in small pieces, which are more likely to find themselves in all the nooks and crannies of your home. 

However, there are some that are less likely to cause litter tracking. 

Clay Litter

Clay litter has a very high dust content, and is therefore very likely to cause litter tracking. However, it is widely used due to its affordable price and accessibility, so if this is your preferred litter, try and find some that state it is ‘fast clumping’. 

This kind of litter will form clumps quicker, and therefore has less chance of sticking to your kitty’s paws. 

Crystal Litter

This type of litter is made from silica crystals. These absorb odors very quickly, so you won’t need to worry about your cat’s urine stinking up your home! 

Because of this, silica litter is perfect if you live in a small space. There is also no dust at all with this litter, so it won’t get stuck to your cat’s paws or fur. 

Unfortunately, it is one of the more expensive options available, but the lack of litter tracking is well and truly worth it. 

Wood Pellets

If you’re looking for an option that is more environmentally friendly, then wood pellets are the way to go. They are made from natural materials, and are larger, making them less likely to stick to your cat’s fur or paws.

However, they do turn into sawdust as your cat urinates on them, so it is more of a high-maintenance option as you’ll need to clean it more regularly. 

Final Thoughts On How To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floor

It can be very irritating to find bits of litter scattered around your home. Choosing a littler box that has enclosed sides, rather than just a litter tray, can solve this issue. 

You should also select your litter carefully, as certain types are more likely to get stuck to your cat’s paws.

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