Lynx Point Siamese Cats: Everything You Need to Know

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You are going to love everything about Lynx Point Siamese cats. Their personality, beauty, and color patterns are what make them so unique, and why you hear about them so often from other cat lovers.

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Siamese Point Lynx sitting on a chair

In this article, we will go in depth on the Lynx Point Siamese breed and what makes it such a beloved and sought-after cat.

What Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats?

You might be wondering what exactly is a Lynx Point Siamese cat, and how is it different from other Siamese cats?

Lynx point Siamese, also known as colorpoint shorthairs or tabby points, is a mixture of seal point Siamese and American shorthair cat.

The Lynx Point term describes cats that are colorpoint and also have a tabby pattern. These two together are what make this cat unique. Their distinctive color pattern led to an increase in their popularity starting in the 1960s.

What is a Colorpoint Pattern?

If you aren’t yet aware, a colorpoint cat is often very light colored on their body, with darker areas around the ears, face, tail, and feet. Colorpoints also almost always have blue eyes.

In colorpoint cats, there are some features that are very common, like the angular head and long ears, plus the blue eyes.

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What is a Tabby Pattern 

A tabby pattern is where two colors – a lighter and darker one – are mixed together on the colored areas of the cat, so they have stripes, essentially.

The darker color can be gray, brown, black, red, etc. In tabby patterns, one color is always darker than the other.

Stripes are visible on the cat’s face, tail, paws, or any part of the body. Some tabby patterns cats may also have blue eyes. However, one thing that is common in all tabby pattern cats is the striking M on the forehead.

Lynx point tabby pattern cat

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Rare? 

Like your average Siamese, Lynx Point Siamese cats are much harder to come across. Does that mean they are rare?

Although they are definitely more rare than a typical Siamese or colorpoint cat, when it comes to adopting a lynx point, they aren’t that difficult to find and can be found in adoption centers or pet shops.

In less populated areas, you might have to find a breeder of Lynx Point cats in order to adopt one.

If we are talking about rarity, the tortoise point Siamese cat is the rarest out of all the Siamese felines. They are famous because of their tortoise shell color variation, which is a lot harder to find these days.

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What is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat’s Lifespan? 

Worried about your furry friend’s lifespan? The good news is that on average, Lynx Point Siamese cats are said to live about 15-20 years, provided a good and healthy environment and lifestyle.

The lifespan can even increase, depending on how healthy the cat remains throughout their life span. Regular checkups, a good healthy diet, and plenty of exercise and attention will help any cat live a long life.

Don’t get a lynx point Siamese cat if you don’t think you can care for them for 15-20 years. However, if you think you are up for it, then this is a great cat to have around for a happy 20 years of life.

Are They Hypoallergenic? 

Lynx point sitting in the yard

Are you thinking of getting a cat that would not only bring great joy to your life but also keep your allergies at bay? We think the Lynx Point Siamese cats are one of the best options available for you.

DISCLAIMER: Firstly, remember there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic cat. Allergies are caused by a protein produced in the cat’s saliva. The saliva gets to the fur through licking, which is transmitted to air and ultimately to us, causing sensitivities.

The only difference is how much saliva is produced by a respective breed and how dense of a coat they have for transmission of the protein. 

Luckily, Lynx Point Siamese cats are recommended for cat lovers suffering from allergies because of their short hair and lesser saliva-producing capabilities. 

Point Lynx Siamese

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What is Their Personality Like? 

Lynx Point Siamese cats are an angelic breed that will brighten anyone’s life. They aren’t too loud or annoying, like their Siamese counterpart, and are much more on the calm side.

However, this doesn’t mean they are a quiet breed. Lynx point Siamese are affectionate, love to chat, and tell you about their day.

They are also curious creatures who like to meddle with things they know nothing about. Therefore, you should always get your house “cat-proofed” before bringing a Lynx Point Siamese home.

Moreover, Lynx Points are witty and love to play around the house, with children, and especially cat toys.

Are All Lynx Point Cats Siamese?

No, not all Lynx Point cats are Siamese cats. There are a few other breeds that might also have the colorpoint and tabby pattern mix.

Some of these breeds are Himalayan, Javanese, Ragdool, British shorthair, and domestic short or longhair cats. The pattern isn’t necessarily all that unique.

A cat lying on its back

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When it comes to Siamese cats, the chocolate point, seal point, blue point, and lilac point are all recognized patterns (according to the Cats Fanciers Association), while the lynx point is not.

How Big Do Lynx Cats get? 

Curious about how big your lynx point Siamese may get? The answer is that a female lynx point would weigh around between 5-10 pounds while a male one would be a little on the heavier side, around 6-12 pounds.

When it comes to height, both will get about 9-10 inches tall. These stats show that, like any other cat, lynx point Siamese cats also fall under the average height and weight category.

However, it should be mentioned that they are an athletic breed, and if not taken seriously, you would find them jumping around the house.


As you can see, the Lynx Point Siamese cat is a well-loved, beautiful cat with a unique pattern and a rarity that makes it somewhat hard to find, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, you will find it to be a great companion.

Till now, we have seen that lynx point Siamese cats are the best when it comes to personality, size, hypoallergenic coat, and colors. 

On the whole, it is a beautiful breed, and it would be wonderful if you would buy a pair of them to keep them company. 

Hence, let us know in the comments what part of lynx point Siamese you find best.


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