9 Big Eyed Cat Breeds You’ll Love

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There’s something so adorable about a cat with gorgeous, round, big eyes. These 9 big eyed cat breeds fit that bill perfectly. Their eyes are piercing and they’re such a joy to have around the house.

Cats with big eyes are very expressive – their eyes can portray more emotions than cats with normal eyes. Nothing is better than seeing those pleading eyes and their mesmerizingly pretty color. 

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Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful feline addition to your home or if you can’t remember the breed name of your big-eyed baby, here is our guide to 9 big-eyed cat breeds!

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

1. Ragamuffin 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Ragamuffin cats are a docile breed known for their luxuriously long and silky coats with big, sweet eyes. Everything about their appearance screams “adorable”, especially thanks to their loving and affectionate nature. 

Ragamuffins come in a variety of colors, including white, black, gray, brown, silver, red, chestnut, and more. Their beautiful big eyes are typically a light green or blue, making them appear even larger. 

These cats are popular in virtually any household, including adult-only apartments and family homes with kids. However, due to their long fur, they need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and to keep their fur silky and smooth. 

2. Devon Rex

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Devon Rex cats are a fascinating English breed, also known as the “Poodle” of cats. These are slender and small-bodied cats with an elegant lock neck, large ears, high cheekbones, and a wavy coat – hence the likeness to Poodles. And, of course, they also possess beautiful big eyes. 

The short, wavy hair of the Devon Rex makes this an ideal breed for those with allergies. While no cat breed is hypoallergenic, the Devon Rex isn’t as likely to shed compared to other breeds.

As a plus, this means they are low-maintenance cats as they don’t have long hair. They occasionally need to be wiped down on their bellies and ears because their small coat allows oil to build up.

The elvish appearance of a Devon Rex coincides with their affectionate and charming behavior, making the breed a perfect addition to any home. 

3. Scottish Fold 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Known for their characteristic folded ears (as a result of a natural genetic mutation), Scottish Folds are another big-eyed cat breed. These are compact, medium-sized cats that are truly striking in their unique appearance. After all, how many cats have folded ears and huge amber eyes? 

Scottish Folds have become increasingly more popular in recent years, which is likely due to singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s obsession with the breed. But despite its popularity, there are some things people may not know about this breed.

The mutation that causes their distinctive curled ears can lead to other problems with their cartilage and bones. It’s a good idea to keep up with vet checkups with this breed to make sure you’re aware of any problems that may arise.

These cats are remarkably friendly and love attention, but you will have to wipe their eyes regularly to prevent infection. 

4. Persian Cat 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Persian cats, also known as Persian Longhairs, are arguably one of the most glamorous cat breeds in the world.

These cats exude diva energy, from their long flowing coats to their beautiful big eyes. They’re also super calm and quite lazy, spending most of their time looking for affection and attention. Most Persian cats also feature a shortened muzzle, making their faces seem rather large and rounded.

Because of this and their large eyes, they are prone to stains around the eyes and nose, which will need to be cleaned regularly. 

5. Sphynx Cat

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Sphynx cats are infamous for their lack of fur, making them highly popular in households with cat allergies. While they technically aren’t hypoallergenic (as the histamines reside in their saliva), the hairlessness means the histamines don’t linger for too long. 

The lack of hair means you can focus on the Sphinx’s beautiful stature, including their long legs, graceful necks, pointed ears, high cheekbones, and dramatically enlarged eyes. Their eyes also come in a large range of colors which take advantage of their large twinkling eyes.

If you want a cat that resembles a supermodel, then a Sphinx is the way to go. 

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6. Burmese Cat 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Burmese cats are a popular cat breed for their simple yet beautiful appearance. These are fairly stocky medium-sized cats with round heads, rounded ears, round muzzles, and gorgeous big eyes. Their coats are short and soft, with colors including champagne, blue, fawn, lavender, chocolate, cinnamon, and more. 

They have large, expressive eyes which make them look owlish and curious. This is one of the traits that set the beautiful Burmese apart from other cat breeds.

Burmese cats are playful and need physical enrichment to keep them in shape as a result of their stocky nature. Despite their playful nature, they’re also very docile cats that love nothing more than to be petted. 

7. Singapura Cat

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Singapura cats are the smallest domestic cat breed, which makes their big eyes appear even larger. While small, these cats make up for it in their affectionate and confident nature, as they always want to be the center of attention.

These cats resemble larger cats, such as cougars and lions with their tan coats, thin faces, and large eyes. Their eyes come in vibrant jewel colors such as gold, green, or hazel.

It’s hard to take your eyes off them, especially with those gorgeous huge globes staring back at you! Their almond-shaped eyes are exaggerated by the black rim of their eyes, which helps to make them appear bigger.

These cats belong in households that can cater to their attention, allowing for endless cuddles and playtime. 

8. Abyssinian Cat 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

Abyssinian cats look distinctly wild, but they are in fact a domesticated breed. These cats are one of the oldest known cats, and resemble cave art from Egypt. Although their origins are largely speculative, their wild cat roots show in their regal and fierce looks.

These slim and graceful cats are known for their large, almond-shaped amber eyes and pointed ears, making them look like a supermodel. This is emphasized by their elegant stature, long legs, and rounded feet.

Abyssinian cats are very friendly and love to explore, which is why they benefit most from households with gardens to climb trees. Make sure to fill your home with cat toys and cat trees to soothe their curiosity!

9. Tonkinese Cat 

Big Eyed Cat Breeds

A mixture of a Burmese and Siamese cat, the Tonkinese cat is a stunning breed known for their large, piercing blue eyes. Like their parents, Tonkinese cats are slender and elegant breeds with soft fur and a gentle disposition.

These cats were bred to make a cat as intelligent and sweet as the Burmese and Siamese cats while making a medium breed with a less squeaky voice than the Siamese. The Tonkinese cat is a perfect mix of two already beautiful cat breeds. In fact, people will often seek after Tonkinese cats purely for their stunning eyes.


So, there you have it! There are quite a few big-eyed cat breeds, all of which are beautiful in their own ways.

As with any cat, make sure you do your research before introducing one to your family.

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