Why Your Cat Lies On Your Chest

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Cats are very affectionate animals. They love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners. Why does your cat climb on top of you and fall asleep? This can have many reasons. We take a look at why your cat lies on your chest, and whether this is really good for your cat (and you).

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Why Your Cat Lies On Your Chest

Is it because you are her favorite person or does she need something else? If they don’t get enough attention from us, they might resort to other ways to express their love. One of these methods is to literally claim you as their sleeping spot by climbing on top of you.

Why Does A Cat Lay On People?

A cat may be laying on people for a number of reasons. Some cats like to be close to the owner in order to feel protected.

If your cat sleeps on you all the time, there could be a few reasons why this happens. It may be that she feels safe and secure when you are near her.

Let’s take a look at some possible reasons in more detail.


Orange cat laying on owners chest

When a cat is feeling affectionate towards its owner, it will usually want to be as close as possible. When the cat’s favorite human is laying down, then this is a good time for cuddles. It is very common for cats to sleep on their owners if they are feeling affectionate towards them.

Cats show affection in many ways. One way is by rubbing against their owners’ legs. Another way is by purring loudly. And yet another is by climbing on top of their owner.


Cat getting a hug

Some cats like to feel protected by being close to their owners. When they do this, they often fall asleep on their owners’ chests. Another reason why cats may choose to sleep on their owners is to keep themselves safe.

Sleeping on someone can also be an expression of trust. Cats who have been abused in the past may find sleeping on their owners comforting. They may think that their owners are better able to protect them than anyone else. A cat is familiar with her owner’s smell, so lying on top of you is like a comfort blanket.


Studies with dogs have shown that a person’s level of oxytocin increases when dogs look at them. Oxytocin is produced by mother dogs when they are bonding with their pups. Dogs can smell these hormones in their favorite human, and they also experience this increase in happiness hormones. This means that when a dog sees his owner, he becomes happy. Although there is no scientific proof that this happens in cats, it might be possible.

This could be a physical reaction to why cats love snuggling and cuddling on you.


Orange and white cat snuggling under the covers

Cats absolutely love warm places. You can often find cats lying in the sunshine, by the radiator (or on top of it!). Sometimes, cats just enjoy the warmth of their owners. In such cases, they try to get as close to you as possible to get the best warmth out of you.

Cats may even jump into bed with their owners because this is an especially warm place. This is especially true for older cats. These cats are often not able to move a lot so they need to make sure that they stay as warm as possible.


Cat sitting on owner's chest

Cats are naturally territorial animals, and this means that they see their owner as an important resource providing food, shelter, and comfort.

Your cat will leave its smell on you, which indicates to other cats that you are already taken. This is typically seen in a household with more than one pet, where a cat has to make her claim to her owner clear to other animals.

In such households, cats tend to lie on their owners. Cats may also use this behavior to assert dominance over other cats. This type of possessive behavior is usually not a problem. However, it can cause aggression or stress in your cat or other animals.

When this happens, then it is better to ensure your cat and other pets are not allowed on your chest, and share your attention with your animals equally.

Should Your Cat Not Lay On You?

Should Your Cat Not Lay On You?

As a rule of thumb, there is no harm caused when your cat sleeps on you. However, some pet owners may not find a cat laying on them comfortable. Especially larger cats can be very heavy, and typically a cat falls asleep on their owner, so they can stay in the same position for a long time. This can be an issue for people with breathing difficulties, such as asthma.

Bear in mind, that a cat sleeping in bed with you is not always sleeping peacefully. Cats move around a lot, especially at night. This is their prime hunting time, so most cats will be walking around in the middle of the night. This can mean they wake you up. If you want to avoid this, then you should put your cat somewhere else if she is prone to waking you up.

kitten asleep in a book

For example, you could put your cat in another room, or on a different floor.

You might also consider buying a pet bed for your cat. A pet bed is designed specifically for cats. They provide a nice resting spot for your cat while keeping her off your chest. Some pet beds even have heating elements inside, which makes them perfect for cold winter nights.

If your cat seems to be showing signs of possessiveness, then it is probably best to avoid letting her sleep on you. You should then try to train your cat so she sleeps in her cat bed or another spot.

Cat laying on its back in bed


There are many reasons why your cat likes to lay on you. Some cats like to show affection, others like to keep warm, and still others like to feel safe and protected. All of these things could explain why your cat lies on your chest.

However, if your cat is showing any signs of being too possessive, then it is best to get rid of this behavior by avoiding allowing your cat to sleep on you.

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