Why Does My Cat Sit On My Chest?

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There are few things more impactful than when a cat or kitten curls up on your chest, gets comfortable, and falls asleep. This makes you feel trusted and protective of the little fur ball that’s bundled up next to you. 

You may find that the minute you settle down on your couch, your little fur ball joins you in that exact spot every time. This may have you wondering why does my cat sit on my chest?

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A cat being snuggled by its owner

There are a variety of reasons why your cat loves to sit on your chest, and we’re going to show you the top five reasons why in this article.

The Answers To: Why Does My Cat Sit On My Chest?

1. They Are Showing Their Love

Cat sitting on owners chest getting pet

As cat lovers, we often wonder if our cats can show affection and if they actually can love us. While we may never actually know the truth to this question, I like to believe that when your cat snuggles up to you they are showing their love for you.

Sitting with or on you is a way for them to be close to you and show that they trust you, which is a big thing for a cat. So we think you should soak up every moment you get with your cat snuggling on your chest.

2. Warmth

A cat sleeping on a person's chest

Cats sleep for an average of around 15 hours a day, and their body temperature is normally around 102 degrees Fahrenheit – meaning they love warmth! 

Therefore, when they snuggle up on your chest, they’re looking for more warmth to help them feel comfortable. They love the body heat you give off, so you can consider yourself a warm, comfortable bed for them to sleep on.

Your furry friend will begin to seek you out once they start to feel cooler. While they are perfectly able to snuggle up on a soft blanket or in front of a radiator, they choose affection every time! 

3. Protection

Cats are natural hunters, and this instinct is so strong, that it stops them from becoming attached to strangers easily. 

However, once they have had some time, they will begin to feel safe around you and consider you a protector. The fact that they choose to cuddle up on your chest and fall asleep, means they feel safe around you, and see you as a form of protection. 

They will also consider your scent familiar and soothing, which adds to the overall sense of security. 

4. Possessiveness

A cat snuggling with its owner

Cats are territorial creatures and will often see their owners as possessions. Sometimes, your cat may lie on your chest as a way of expressing that you are theirs. They see you as valuable and important to them, and they want to make other animals aware of that fact. 

This is likely to be the case in households with more than one pet, where they may all try and compete for your attention. 

Unless there is aggressive behavior involved, this is not usually a problem. If problematic behavior occurs, then you’ll need to take the time to give equal attention to all of your pets. 

5. They Enjoy The Sound Of Your Heart 

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Chest (2)

When kittens sleep close to their mother, the sound of her heart is comforting for them.

When your cat cuddles up to your chest, they are able to hear your heartbeat, and this mimics the comfort they felt as kittens from their own mother. 

Interestingly, when they are comfortable, they will begin to purr. Their purr also has several benefits for you. It reduces your stress levels, blood pressure, and risk of having a heart attack. 

These sounds are also known to help heal bones and muscles, as well as various infections! 

Is It Good To Let Your Cat Sleep On Your Chest? 

As we’ve mentioned already in this article, there are many reasons why you should let your cat sit on your chest. 

Their purrs will provide you with many health benefits such as reduced stress levels and blood pressure. They are also very soft and comfortable little creatures to have perched on your chest. 

Aside from this, you also have the lovely knowledge that your cat feels safe enough around you to fall asleep on your chest – you are doing your job as a cat parent! 

A cat sitting on its owners chest

Despite these lovely points, there may be situations where it may not be best for you to let your cat sit on your chest.

For example, if you have allergies, then allowing your cat too close to your face will only aggravate these allergies. 

Allowing your cat to sit on your chest while you’re in bed can also allow for them to bring pieces of cat litter with them, as well as other bugs from the outside (if you have an outdoor cat). 

This may also not be the most comfortable way to sleep, as cats can become startled in the middle of the night and wake you. 

If you rather your cat doesn’t sleep with you, it’s best to get them a cozy, warm cat bed of their own! 

Final Thoughts 

If your cat sits on your chest often, then it’s because they feel safe and secure around you, so you should enjoy those cuddles as much as they do.

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