15 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

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If you have a cat-loving friend, this list will help you find a great gift for them when their birthday or Christmas rolls around. We’ve done a lot of searching for the perfect gift to give someone who loves cats, and these are some of the best. 

15 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Whether it’s something to make them smile, or something their cat will love, we’ve got your back with these 15 gift ideas for cat lovers. 

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Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Understanding Cat Behavior Book 

No matter how much we love cats, their behavior is a complete mystery! Help your cat lover understand their kitty more by getting them this book that covers all things about cat behavior!

Crazy Cat Lady Candle 

With a scent of Japanese citrus, this candle is perfect for your cat-obsessed friend. They also don’t need to worry about the safety of their cat, as it is made from soy wax, which is completely safe! 

Cat Paw Seat Cushion

This is the perfect gift that your friend can take with them to work, or use at home if they work from home! It will also let everyone know that they’re a total cat person. 

This is a super soft and comfy cushion that can settle any discomfort or back pain your cat-lover friend may have. 

Cat Coasters 

If your cat-obsessed friend loves hosting, then they’ll love these cat coasters. They also have a rustic appearance as they’re made from wood! 

Post-it Note Dispenser

This is the perfect gift that your friend can take with them to work – as they are likely not able to take their cat to work (boo!). 

Zen Garden Mini Litter Box

This adorable little zen garden is perfect if you need to put a smile on your face! It comes with little kitties perched inside, and is perfect for a home office, or work-office space. 

Cat Backpack

Cat-lovers will no longer have to dread leaving their little kitties at home with this backpack! They’ll enjoy being taken around as they can see all of their surroundings with the clear casing! 

Cactus Cat Scratching Post

All cat owners know how frustrating it is when their cats constantly scratch their carpets and couches! This scratch post will keep any cat entertained due to the cactus shape! It also has an interactive little swinging ball for them to play with. 

Cat Socks

Socks are a great gift on any occasion, so why not get your cat lover these adorable cat socks! They need to make it known that they’re a cat person, and these socks will do exactly that. 

Cat Hammock

Any cat will look adorable snoozing inside this little cat hammock. It comes with a dangling ball for them to play with and is very easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Cats enjoy being elevated, so this is perfect for them! 

Cat Fountain

Did you know that some cats don’t enjoy drinking from still water? Many of them prefer moving water, as that is their natural instinct from the wild. 

This water fountain is perfect as your cat is able to drink from moving water. They also look very cute in your home, and will provide you with the soothing sound of water droplets all day long! 

Pet Camera

With this pet camera, cat owners will no longer have to worry about what their kitties are up to while they’re at work, or away on vacation! 

This camera works in correlation with an app, and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant! 

Funny Cat Mug

Everyone needs a funny mug in their life, as this cat-inspired one is perfect for any cat-obsessed friends you may have! 

This one reads “I work hard, so my cat can have a better life”, but the options are endless! 

Cat Over the Door Hanger

If you’re looking for a gift for a cat lover, but want to get them something practical that they’ll use check out this over the door towel hanger.

It’s adorable, is super convenient, and is the perfect gift for any cat lover.

Funny Cat Socks

These cat socks have a super relatable message on the bottoms of the socks, “I can’t get up right now, my cat is on my lap”.

This is something that pretty much every cat owner can relate to, and will definitely get some laughs from them.

Cute Cat Dish Towels

These adorable cat dish towels are sure to be a hit with any cat lover. This pack comes with four towels in it, each with a cat phrase such as “life is better with a cat” and “I do what I want”.

These towels will remind a person of their cat, even while cooking or hanging out in the kitchen.

Cat Water Bottle

This is a more subtle cat gift, and it’s also super convenient and practical. It’s a metal rose gold water bottle with cat ears on it.

If you want a cat gift that will get a lot of use, this water bottle is a great option. We like it because it’s sleek, elegant, and understated.

Cat Dad Mug

Do you have a cat dad in your life? Do they like hot beverages? How about combining those two traits into a fun gift that will keep his drinks warm or cold for up to 12 hours?

This double-wall insulated tumbler “cat dad” mug has a cute design and definition of a cat dad. The 18/8 food-grade tumbler won’t break, rust, retain or transfer flavors, it’s BPA free and spill proof.

Cat Wine Holder

A bronze cat statue that also holds a bottle of wine is an instant yes from us. If you have a cat lover in your life who also enjoys the occasional(or not so occasional) wine this wine bottle holder is a great choice of gift.

Nobody will be able to resist the adorable bronze kitty that holds the bottle!

Final Thoughts 

There are an array of cat-themed gifts out there that your cat-lover friends and family will love! 

Whether it’s a gift for them or a gift for their cat, they will definitely appreciate anything on this list. 

We hope this article has provided you with some insight into what kind of gifts are perfect for those who love cats! 

We can guarantee you that they will love anything you choose from this list.

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