About the Maine Coon Tabby Mix (Orange)

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One of the largest breeds of domesticated cats, the Maine Coon is a popular and well-loved breed of cat, and one of the oldest in North America. These large cats are a common choice for pet owners, and come in a variety of different colors and patterns

One of the cutest of these is the Maine Coon tabby mix. Their orange stripes are unique and beautiful, complimenting their long locks and jewel toned eyes.

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Orange tabby Maine Coon looking up

Maine Coon Orange Tabby: Appearance

Aside from its distinctive size and thick fur, there are several other characteristics that have come to represent the orange tabby mix of the Maine Coon.  


Also called “red tabbies”, they are classified under the “red Maine Coon” color class, along with the solid color, red tabby and white color, and bi-colored variants. 


Orange tabby Maine Coons are generally long or medium haired cats. The fur is generally soft and silky, although this texture can vary depending on the color range of the fur in question. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon face

Generally compared to lions, due to their leonine mane around their necks where the hair grows thicker and longer, and their orange patterned fur. They surprisingly require minimal grooming when compared to similar long haired cats, as the light-density undercoat means it is relatively self maintaining.

However, their coat is seasonal, with much thicker growth in the winter, and thinner growth in the summer. It’s not a bad idea to groom them regularly to keep their coats in top shape.


As far as Maine Coons go, they are available in a wide variety of colors, with perhaps the most common color being the brown tabby.

However, popular mixes, such as the orange tabby are also common choices due to their attractive color scheme, distinctive tiger-like markings, and partial white underside, which stretches from their belly to their chin. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon laying down

Their eye colors also have a wide color range, and heterochromia (mismatched eye colors) is fairly common within the breed. The most common eye colors for an orange tabby mix are gold and light green, both of which are stunning in combination with the fur color.


The orange tabby Maine Coon is a relatively common type of Maine Coon to find. The combination of a tabby cat and an orange Maine Coon, this mix has been popular for a long time.


Physically adapted to survive harsh winter conditions, they possess a fluffy tail, thick fur around the neck, underside, and flanks, to keep them warm when padding through dense snow or thick grass. Similarly, the thick fur on and inside their ears is a great way for maintaining heat, and for stopping icy winds from getting inside the ears. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon outside

Their thick tail helps them avoid sinking into the snow and also has a wide range of mobility, allowing them to curl it around their face, head, or neck as a means of maintaining warmth in particularly cold climates. 

Their paws are especially large for a cat and effectively act as snow shoes, helping them pad through the snow and remain effective and quick as a hunter. Additional structure is given to the feet thanks to thick fur between the toes, which creates a wider surface area and makes them less likely to sink or become bogged down in dense drifts. 

Maine Coon Orange Tabby: Temperament

In terms of temperament, there are many things that have come to define the breed. 


They are generally calm, loving, and good natured cats, which has led to their informal nickname of the ‘gentle giant’.

Possessing above average intelligence, they are protective and loyal around their owners, but generally cautious around strangers.  Despite their caution around new people, they are generally relaxed around other animals such as dogs and other cats.

Orange tabby Maine Coon walking on rocks

Also, contrary to them living a relatively independent life, they seem to have a fondness for children. 

They have an unusual fascination with water, which many have come to associate with their origins aboard ships on the way to the New World, as well as their proximity to the ocean in Maine and parts of New England, which are primarily fishing communities.

Another trait they are known for is their vocality, renowned for making loud noises to make their presence known. 

Maine Coon Orange Tabby: Health

The median lifespan of the orange tabby Maine Coon is approximately twelve and a half years, although some have been documented as living to 18 years old. 

Although they are known for being a generally healthy and tough breed, well bred for surviving the sometimes unforgiving climates of New England, they do suffer from a proclivity towards feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

This is a common health problem in cats of all breeds, and the symptoms can include blood clots (causing the rear legs to become paralyzed), heart failure, and even sudden death in the most extreme cases. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon laying on a sidewalk

In Maine Coons in general, there is also a tendency towards spinal muscular atrophy, another genetically inherited condition, and one potentially linked to their size and mass. Symptoms of this can be seen within the first 3 to 4 months, and symptoms can be muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, and a shortened life span. 

They are also widely prone to hip displacement, arthritis, and lameness, all of which are due to their size and mass, which places a lot of strain on the bones, muscles, and joints.

They are also prone to entropion, a condition where the eyelids fold inwards.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about the orange tabby Maine Coon, and their associated variations. 

A consistently popular breed amongst cat lovers and enthusiasts alike, the Maine Coon’s independent and easy going demeanor makes it a good cat for multi-pet households, or family homes with small children.

So, if you are looking for a cat that is equally as happy traversing the great outdoors as it is lounging on the sofa, then the Maine Coon might be the breed for you.

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Maine Coon Tabby Mix

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