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If you’ve ever seen a gray Maine Coon before, then you know how majestic they can be. This fabulous breed of cat is something to admire, with such beauty that makes them incredibly appealing to cat lovers. 

Maine Coons come in a number of different colors, and many variations are all grouped beneath the umbrella term ‘blue’. Grey Maine Coon cats can cover gray tabby coats, white and gray, gray smoky, black and gray, and many more. 

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Grey Maine Coon playing outdoors

Grey Maine Coons are often labeled Blue Maine Coons. Today we are going to be looking into these majestic cats to learn all there is to know about them. 

Are Gray Maine Coon Cats Rare?

No, Gray Maine Coons are not considered rare. The color gray in cats is simply a diluted version of black fur, making it one of the more common colors for cats to be.

Although Maine Coons can come in a variety of gray shades, none are considered to be rare. 

With that being said, silver and gold Maine Coons are the rarest of all Maine Coon colors. Silver coats are caused by the inhibitor gene I, and it is incredibly rare to find. This will make the cost of Silver Maine Coons much higher than the normal cost of these cats. 

Maine Coon walking in the grass

Gray Maine Coon Coats

As we mentioned earlier, the official name of a gray Maine Coon is actually blue. While this is a little confusing for people, it is the same for most gray animals. Similarly, orange Maine Coons are labeled red. 

There are a number of color classes that Maine Coons can come in, which are as follows: 

  • Solid color
  • All other tabby colors
  • Bi-color color (includes vans)
  • Shaded and smoke colors
  • All other tabby and white colors and color
  • Parti-color color 
  • Shaded and smoke and white color
  • Parti-color and white color

All of these colors could be mixed with gray, giving the cat a gray appearance. As you can see, there is an amazing amount of variance when it comes to Maine Coons of all colors. 

Average Size Of A Gray Maine Coon 

Maine Coons are incredibly large cats – they’re one of the largest domestic cats that you can find. Their large form only adds to their beauty, and their thick and long fur is one of the most distinguishing things about them. 

Don’t let their large size fool you though – the Maine Coon is also known as a gentle giant. The only other domesticated cat that can compete with their size is the Norwegian Forest Cat. 

Grey Maine Coon sitting in a yard

When considering the size of the Maine Coon, there are a number of things that determine this. These include female vs male differences, in which the male Maine Coon will almost always grow to be larger than the female. 

Maine Coon Length

Maine Coons are known for their long, rectangular bodies.

They’re very muscular with little fat on them. Maine Coons can grow to be between 19 and 40 inches long, which is otherwise known as 48 to 101 centimeters. 

However, there are exceptions to this rule depending on how they’re been bred, their diet, and more. The Guinness World Record for the longest cat was given to Stewie the Maine Coon, who grew to be 48.5 inches! 

A grey Maine Coon jumping outside

Maine Coon Weight

The average male Maine Coon weighs between 15 and 25 pounds, or 6.8 to 11.3 kilograms. Alternatively, the female Maine Coon will weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, or 3.6 to 5.4 kilograms. As you can see, female Maine Coons are often much lighter than male Maine Coons. 

Many owners will often overfeed Maine Coons as they think that their cat doesn’t weigh as much as it should.

Grey Maine Coon kitten laying down

However, Maine Coons actually just have very slow growth rates, meaning that their light weight is often fine. Make sure that you check a Maine Coon growth chart to ensure that you’re not overfeeding your cat. 

Maine Coon Height

On average, a male Maine Coon will weigh between 10 and 16 inches, or 25 and 40 centimeters. In opposed to this, a female Maine Coon is likely to reach a height of between 8 and 14 inches, or 20 to 35 inches. 

Average Gray Maine Coon Cost

Maine Coon cats are pedigree and therefore quite expensive. Many people fall in love with this breed thanks to their gentle persona, loving temperament, and high energy. They are also excellent with children, making them amazing family pets. 

Grey tabby Maine Coon standing

As we have mentioned before, Gray Maine Coons are not considered rare and therefore the color of their coat will have no influence on their cost. The price of a Gray Maine Coon will be the same as the cost of any other colored Maine Coon. 

All of this has contributed to Maine Coon cats becoming one of the most loved cat breeds in the United States – but how much will they cost you? 

Maine Coon Kitten Cost

Maine Coons are often most sought after when they are kittens. After all, you will be able to enjoy their presence in your life for as long as possible! The average price of a Maine Coon kitten is around $400-$1500

Grey Maine Coon kitten sitting on rocks

Maine Coon Adult Cost

Adult cats always lose their value, as many people consider them to be less cute than kittens. While this is strictly not true, adult Maine Coons are priced slightly lower at around $600-$1200 on average. 

Competing Maine Coon Cost

Some Maine Coons have been bred to compete in competitions and cat shows.

This takes more time, effort, and money from the breeder, leaving you with a show cat. For this reason, they generally cost more than even kittens at an average price of $2500. 

Grey Maine Coon walking through flower bed

How Much Are Silver Maine Coons? 

The cost of silver Maine Coons will be higher than normal Gray Maine Coons, as they are significantly rarer than the latter. These cats are so rare, in fact, that there is little information on their prices of these cats. 

However, you can be sure that the cost of Silver Maine Coons will be double the amount for a kitten, adult cat, and show cat.

Gray Maine Coon Health Issues

Maine Coon cats, no matter what color their fur, are pre dispositioned to a few diseases. The main one is a heart disease called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

They are also known for developing hip dysplasia as well as spinal muscular atrophy. 

maine coon's furry collar

If you have any worries or concerns about your Maine Coon’s health, then you should always contact a veterinarian to make sure that they are in good health.  All cats are at risk of developing illnesses as they age, but this does not mean that every single Maine Coon will get these illnesses.

This is just to make you aware of potential illnesses that your cat could get in the future. 


Overall, Maine Coons are majestic and gorgeous cats, mainly to do with their size and loving temperament. Gray Maine Coons, otherwise known as Blue Maine Coons, can be gray, tabby, white and gray, or much more. One of the amazing things about Maine Coons is the variation in their coats. 

Silver Maine Coons are very rare, while normal Gray Maine Coons are not. This means that Silver Maine Coons will cost much more than the latter, so be prepared to pay almost double if you’re lucky enough to find a silver cat. 

Gray Maine Coons are very expensive, although their price will decrease slightly as they get older. This is true for all Maine Coons except for show cats. These cats might be pricey, but they are well worth the money! 

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