Flame Point Siamese Cats: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the most popular and highly sought-after breeds of cats that people love to have as pets is the Siamese cat. They were once a symbol of high society in 19th century Europe and North America. Today, they are beloved for their gentle, curious, and protective nature. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about Flame Point Siamese Cats.

While Siamese cats, in general, are highly sought after, there is a very rare and distinct variation that fetches a high price and a lot of acclaim. It’s a Flame Point Siamese cat. They are one of the rarest cats in the world and can be very expensive if you can even find one.

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Flame Point Siamese Cat

In this article, we’re going to dish all the details of this highly intelligent, beautiful, and rare cat – the Flame Point Siamese.

What is a Flame Point Siamese?

A Flame Point Siamese cat is the result of breeding a Siamese and an American Tabby Shorthair. It has a mostly white or cream body with a unique coat. The Flame Point coloring includes an orange to red pointed nose, and orange paws, ears, and tail.

Most Flame Point kittens start out being a very light color – beige or white – and their color points darken as they age. They can exhibit very light orange to dark red coloring, which also sometimes changes with the environment. The hotter the area, the darker the color.

Because of this rare coloring, these cats are in very high demand and that makes it a very expensive prospect to buy one if you can even find one.

flame point kitten

History Of The Flame Point Siamese Cat

As you might expect from the name, Flame Pointed Siamese cats are closely related to other Siamese breeds.

Being originally bred and found in what is now Thailand, formerly known as Siam, hence their name, the Siamese cat would eventually become very popular across North America and Europe, as we previously mentioned.

However, what is less well known is the number of colors that Siamese cats can come in. Whilst most are two-toned, many rarer colors can be found in some varieties of Siamese, such as fur-blue, and ginger even.

These much rarer examples have always been in high demand, and many have been bred to become their breeds, the Flame Point variety being one of them.

The Flame Point Siamese was crossbred with American Tabby cats in the United Kingdom in the 1930s, eventually, their distinct ginger face and tail would become recognized as its breed.

flame point siamese cat

Flame Point Siamese Cat Size, Fur, And Temperament

As we have already stated, this breed of cats is best known for their stark light fur across their bodies, and their reddish faces and tails. The reddish marks on their face can encompass their entire faces, or just their noses, and can appear as either strong ginger or a light brown.

In terms of size, Flame Point Siamese fit neatly into the average for many other cat breeds, weighing just under 15 pounds on average, and reaching 21 inches in height.

In terms of how they behave, this breed is also considered very intelligent and needs a decent amount of training and stimulation to not become bored and destructive.

For the most part, however, Flame Point Siamese are just as loving and playful as their regular counterparts.

When socialized correctly, Flame Point Siamese cats are great for virtually any kind of household, whether it is a family, a single occupant, or even a home that has other cats and dogs. They are an adaptable breed when given the right training and time.

Interestingly enough, you are almost twice as likely to find a male Flame Point Siamese cat as you are a female one. Why this balance is this way is unclear.

Perhaps it is simply how recessive and dominant genes appear and manifest in these rare specimens. But whatever the reason, we love them all the same!

Flame Point Siamese Cat

General Health

These cats also live quite a long time, averaging out at around 15 years, although proper care can help them reach as old as 20 in some cases.

They also don’t seem to suffer from the chronic illnesses that many other thoroughbred cat breeds seem to have. Given that most Flame Point Siamese cats are from standard Siamese stock, this is definitely an oddity, although the addition of outcrossing with other cat breeds might explain it.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are free from ailments that you should be keeping an eye on.

With Flame Point Siamese cats being the result of intensive and very specific crossbreeding, they are often very susceptible to the same conditions that their Siamese parents are known for being ill with.

Heart disease is a common condition that may need to be managed, especially as the cat gets older, alongside potential kidney failure as well.

Flame Point Siamese are also known for having issues with their eyesight, similar to regular Siamese cats.

With these issues, it is best to get in contact with your vet if you are worried that your cat is suffering from them.

flame point cat

A Very Rare Breed

As you can imagine, Flame Point Siamese cats are a very rare breed to find for yourself. They are probably one of the rarest cat breeds on the planet.

Whether it is due to it just being very hard to find breeders in your area, or because it is very difficult to crossbreed the right cats to get their distinctive red-orange markings.

For whatever reason, it is always incredibly difficult to source one of these cats for your own home.

If you do manage to find an authentic Flame Point Siamese cat breeder, especially one that is registered, then you’ll probably have to be prepared to spend a lot to get one.

Depending on the breeder’s asking price, you may have to put aside anywhere from $400 to $2000 for a kitten of this breed!

Final Thoughts

In short, getting a Flame Point Siamese cat for yourself can be tough. But once you have one, you’ll see why they’re worth every penny!

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Flame Point Siamese Cat

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