7 Cat Breeds With Fluffy Tails

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Cats have been a part of our lives for almost 8 thousand years and have been bred and crossbred into dozens of different styles over that time. There are likely up to 70 different breeds of cats around today, with a wide variety of shapes, faces, sizes, tails, and temperaments of all kinds. This is good news because it means there are a good amount of cat breeds with fluffy tails!

If you’re looking for a cat with a fluffy tail, we’ve got the list for you. There are actually quite a few breeds of cats that sport fluffy tails.

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Cats With Fluffy Tails

If you love a fluffy cat tail as much as we do, you’ll surely find a breed you love on this list.


Cat Breeds With Fluffy Tails

1. Nebelung

Nebelung cat

If we’re talking about fluffy cats that are new on the block, we just have to give a mention to the beautiful Nebelung.

These cats are one of the most recent breeds to be recognized by official feline judging associations, as a result of its recent arrival in our homes, it is also probably one of the rarest on this list.

Nebelung cats look very similar to Russian Blue cats, with their very similar colored coats and often deep blue or green eyes.

Nebelung cat sitting on a chair

However, what separates them, and the reason that they eventually became a separate breed, is that their coats are much longer than a Russian Blue’s typically gets, which also means an extra fluffy tail for us to stroke!

Though we are unsure where exactly the name for this breed comes from, it does bear some similarities to the Nibelungenlied, a medieval Germanic tale.

Considering that the progenitors were named after two major figures from this story, Siegfried and Brunhilde, this might not be too surprising.

2. Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon Cat

As fluffy as they are big, we have the iconic Maine Coon breed of cats next.

Best known as the biggest recognized breed of domestic cats in the world, Maine Coons can get truly massive when it comes to domestic cat sizes, with some larger examples pushing past the 40-inch length mark, something that other breeds can only dream and meow with jealousy over!

The other main feature that most Maine Coons have is their distinctive shaggy coats, which apply to their tails too. their tails have even been compared to raccoons on occasion.

As you can imagine, these fluffy and gentle giants are perfect to snuggle up with on a winter’s day!

3. Himalayan

himalayan cat

Also known in Europe as Himalayan Persians, these cats are just as fluffy as their more well-known related breed.

Although breed might be a somewhat misleading term according to some, some organizations, such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association, consider these cats to be merely a color variation of the standard Persian cat breed.

However with their distinctive blue eyes, and noticeably bushier tails, there are plenty of reasons to treat these cats as their distinctive breed.

Whilst not exactly the most athletic of cat breeds, they certainly have good looks and grace to keep them as prized pets. Despite their similarities, traditional Persian cats and Himalayan cats very rarely compete in the same category, if ever.

4. Birman

Birman cat breed

Next up, we have a cat breed that is treasured in South East Asia, the Birman.

Also known as the sacred cat of Burma, the Birman’s origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, as there is no clear record as to when this breed was first noticed and recognized.

What we do know is that it was first recognized as a distinct breed by the Cat Club de France in the 1920s.

However, this breed was almost completely wiped out during the Second World War, when only two breeding cats left. These, along with a decent amount of crossbreeding from both Persian and Siamese cats, which shared similar traits, would become the basis of the modern breed today.

5. Somali

somali cat

If unique is the aim of the game that you’re playing, then you’re going to get more unique than the Somali cat breed.

In many ways, this breed looks very similar to the also distinct Abyssinian cat breed. Not only that, but it does share a lot of characteristics with that beautiful type of feline, from its beautiful brown-reddish fur, to even its genetic identity, as it seems that the two breeds are closely related.

However, a recessive gene that allows the cat’s fur to grow longer makes this breed almost instantly recognizable from its cousin breed.

So, if you are looking for a long-haired Abyssinian look-a-like, then look no further than this fluffy boy!

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

While you don’t see many of these types of cats in the U.S., they are very popular in Scandinavia and France. They have such thick fluffy tails and fur to keep them warm in the Norwegian cold weather.

They actually have a water-shedding fur and a thick undercoat to keep them warm.

The Norwegian forest cat is an ancient breed that developed naturally without human assistance for hundreds of years in the forests

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7. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat

For our last entry, we have the hefty kittens of the Ragdoll breed.

Best known for how they go limp when they are picked up, these cats love to be played with, and have a tendency to follow their owners around their homes, looking for any opportunity to get strokes from them.

Given that they have incredibly luscious coats, and that the tails are just as fluffy, it is certainly hard to resist!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of cat breeds out there with long, fluffy tails that are just waiting to be stroked. Just make sure that you’re stroking these little kitties with care!

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