Black Maine Coon Cat: Everything You Need to Know

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The black Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest breeds in North America, originating from, well you guessed it, Maine. The breed has seen a spike in popularity over the recent years and the reason for that is because of its uniqueness and charm.

In this article, we’ll show you just how unique a breed the Black Maine Coon Cat is, from its distinct features to its coloring and personality. 

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A black Maine Coon cat in a tree

The Maine Coon Cat was a very popular breed in the early 19th century however this did not last long as the breed’s very existence became threatened when other long-haired breeds were introduced to the country from overseas.

The Maine Coon Cat recovered quickly from the introduction of competition and has surged back in demand, becoming the third most popular pedigree breed in the world.  

Due to the large size of the breed, it has been referred to as ‘the gentle giant’. The cat’s large size and dense fur allow it to survive in Maine’s climate.

Unlike a lot of cats, the Maine Coon Cat is very people-oriented and is often compared to a dog due to its dog-like characteristics and personality.   

black maine coon

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The Black Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat comes in a range of colors – 74 to be precise. Believe it or not, the most popular color associated with this cat is black. 

What makes a Maine Coon cat black? There are two main factors that determine the cat’s coat. The first is that both parents must carry the dominant black color gene.

The second is that kittens must inherit a recessive gene that makes sure the tabby pattern does not appear. 

Solid Black Maine Coon

sold black maine coon

There is a variety of black Maine Coon cats, the first is the Solid Black Maine Coon. The solid black Maine Coon will have solid black fur from the root to the tip of every hair on the cat.

Some coats will be shorter in length than others and some cats will appear to have a more matte black coat whilst others will have a glossier look. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon

black main coon kitten

Black smoke Maine Coons may look similar to their solid black counterparts, however, this is where the similarities end. The fur on the black smoke Maine Coon is white at the roots and more of a coal color at the tip. 

When the black smoke stands still it can be easily mistaken for the solid black. When the black smoke is moving they will appear black and gray due to the white tips being exposed through movement.  

Features Of The Black Maine Coon


When they’re born, black Maine Coon kittens will have blue eyes. Interestingly it is not possible for adult Maine Coon cats to have blue eyes. As the kitten matures into an adult, their eye color will change into a wide shade of either yellows or greens. 


Black smoke and solid black Maine Coons will have black whiskers that vary in length and number. Maine Coons will shed their whiskers like all cats. But of course, they grow back.

Black Maine Coon Cat

Above their eyes the Maine Coons have long hairs known as vibrissae or tactile hairs, these hairs are often mistaken for eyebrows and are also colored solid black. 


The ears of the Maine Coon stand out massively when compared to other cats. Not only do the ears stand up, they also have tips at the end more commonly seen on lynxes.

The black Maine Coon’s ears along with the rest of their fur are black.


Black Maine Coons can vary in size. The range that you can expect one to weigh is between 8-18 pounds. Their size can depend on many factors such as genetics, diet and exercise opportunities. 

How To Care For a Black Maine Coon

petting a black maine coon

All cats love attention and the Maine Coon is no different. They love being with company and especially like human attention. They also like living with other cats. When you fall in love you want to know what the general lifespan is for your furry pet.

It’s important for a Maine Coon to receive regular love and attention from you. This is what keeps them happy and content. If you notice your Maine Coon’s attitude is waning, you might consider adding a cat to your household for company.

What diet should you feed your furry friend? Maine Coons require a high protein diet. When buying food, always check the food is the appropriate age range of your cat. 

You shouldn’t let your Maine Coon free roam outside and around your local area, like you can with other cats. This is due to the size of the cat being much larger than the standard cat. It can be mistaken by neighbors as a dog. It’s also possible for the cat to get stolen easily because of its uniqueness.

Black Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is compared to a dog with its characteristics so you should take the same approach as you would if you had a dog.

Let your cat out in the garden to exercise and play but primarily your Maine Coon should be kept in the house.

Due to the Maine Coon having thick fur it is essential to have a good quality cat brush to care for your cat’s coat.  

Final Thoughts

The black Maine Coon Cat is a beautifully unique cat with characteristics unlike most cats, it can be the best feline companion that money can buy.

Their sudden surge in popularity in recent years has helped the recovery of a breed that at one time looked to be dwindling. 

Despite the association that black cats have with bad luck in superstition, the black Maine Coon Cat is the most popular Maine Coon color with people looking to bring one into their family. 

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