All About The Devon Rex

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The Devon Rex is adorable, playful, intelligent, friendly, and outgoing. They are great cats for families with kids because they’re also quite gentle and loving.

These beauties have a lot of energy and love to play with humans and other pets. But, they also have a very loving side and enjoy curling up with their favorite humans when it’s time for some downtime. 

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A Devon Rex cat with blue eyes

If you’ve been wondering if a Devon Rex might make a good addition to your family, this article is going to tell you all about the Devon Rex cat breed and whether this may be the perfect cat for you.


About the Devon Rex


Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have a unique appearance, to say the least. Their head takes on a triangular shape, and they have bulging eyes along with very large, wide ears. 

These distinct facial features give them a look that resembles a pixie or an elf (a very cute pixie or elf, may we add!). 

Their coat is very soft and somewhat curly, and their body shape takes on a medium size with a relatively broad chest. Many state these cats look ‘alien-like’, but we think they are truly adorable. 

Personality Traits 

All About The Devon Rex

Adding to their cute appearance, these cats are very playful and energetic. They are known for having friendly temperaments and enjoy snuggling up with their owners after a long day when it’s time to relax. 

They are also highly intelligent cats and can be taught a number of tricks. They are very sociable and can be paired easily with other cats and pets. 

Their love for attention is what makes them so endearing, and they love entertaining their owners by clowning around. As they enter their senior years, this playful side will not subside, meaning they’ll have ‘kitten energy’ into their older years. 

As they love attention, they don’t do well on their own for long periods of time. Therefore, if you spend a lot of your day away from home, then bringing home another cat for them to have a companion will prevent them from feeling lonely. 

devon rex


Devon Rex cats don’t need too much care than other breeds. As they have a relatively short coat, they can get greasy, so you’ll need to bathe your kitty pretty regularly in order for them to stay as clean as possible. 

They also need a good amount of exercise in order to burn off the high amount of energy they have. This can be done by using their favorite toys and teaching them different tricks. 

Doing this will also give them some mental stimulation that they need, and will also bond you both closer together. 

While fully hypoallergenic cats do not exist, the Devon Rex is the closest you’ll come to one. Their short coat only sheds slightly, and it is considered a very low-maintenance cat breed when it comes to shedding

devon rex


This cat breed is generally healthy, and can live from 9 to 15 years! However, there are a few health conditions you should be aware of. 

  • Patellar Luxation – This condition occurs when a knee cap pops out of place. These cats are predisposed to this condition, which can lead to lameness or unusual gait. 
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – This is a very common heart disease found in cats. It occurs when the left wall of the heart thickens over time, leading to heart failure and blood clots. Devon Rexes are known for being predisposed to this heart condition, as well as other cat breeds. 
  • Devon Rex Myopathy – This disease is a muscle condition that weakens the head and neck in your Devon Rex. Your cat should show signs of this disease within three weeks to six months of its life. Breeders should always screen their kittens for any signs of diseases within the first few weeks of their life. 

Diet And Nutrition

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These cuties have big appetites and will constantly try to snatch food from your plate. Giving them some human food as a treat is acceptable, but you should always research beforehand, as there is a large list of human food that should not be consumed by cats. 

Devon Rexes are usually fine with regular cat food, but you should ensure you are feeding them a diet that accommodates a lot of calorie burning, as these lovelies are full of energy.


One thing you should always remember about your Devon Rex is that he needs constant companionship. This isn’t the breed of cat that you can leave on its own for long periods of time. They like to be cuddled up next to people or play in the yard with siblings.

If you have to leave the house for work every day and your Devon Rex is left alone all day, he might not be getting as much companionship as he needs. It’s suggested to have a second cat, or other pets around if you aren’t there.

2 Devon Rex kittens

Best Cat Food Options

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Final Thoughts 

These unique cats make for a wonderful addition to the family. While some find their appearance strange, others find them utterly adorable. 

Their energetic and playful nature makes them great pets if you have small children (as long as they know how to behave around cats).  

They are highly intelligent and sociable creatures and are a great option if you have other pets at home.

However, due to their loving nature, they won’t do too well when they’re alone for long periods of time, so you should consider bringing home a friend for them, so they have some companionship when you’re away from the house.

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2 Devon Rex kittens

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