Maine Coon Vs Tabby Cat: Which is Best?

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There are several differences between Maine Coon vs Tabby cats. These two types of cats are wildly different in origin, size, coat, and appearance. It’s important to know these differences if you’re looking for a pet, or even if you’re just a curious cat lover.

Firstly, it is important to note that a ‘tabby’ cat is not a type of cat breed, but a more common coat pattern in domestic cats. A Maine Coon, on the other hand, is a breed of cat.

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This article will be comparing the Maine Coon to domestic cats in general, and we’ll look at the differences between the two. After this, you’ll be aware of how Maine Coons differ from other domestic cats. 

Difference In Size

One of the main differences between these two cats is their size. Maine Coons are exceptionally large, even larger than relatively large domestic cats. These beauties can weigh up to 18lbs and are a lot bulkier with a square shape. Domestic cats, on the other hand, only tend to weigh around 10lbs as adults. 

Maine Coons, due to their size, don’t look as dainty as regular domestic cats. But that just means there’s more of them to cuddle! Maine Coons also grow pretty slowly, which gives them more time to develop. 

Orange tabby Maine Coon outside

The reason why Maine Coons are so large is because of their ancestors. They originated from the Norwegian Forest cat, who passed on their large size to these kitties. 

Difference In Coats

Another notable difference between Maine Coons and regular cats is their coats.

Maine Coons are very fluffy, resembling of long-haired domestic cats. However, even in this regard, there are differences. Long-haired domestic cats tend to have fluffy, neat fur, whereas Maine Coons have very shaggy fur. 

The fur on their backs and shoulders is normally shorter, but they tend to have quite a lot more around their necks, legs, and stomachs. Their ears are also very different from domestic cats. They tend to be fluffy, wide, and slightly pointed, resembling a lynx’s ears. 

A grey Maine Coon

Domestic cats, on the other hand, have very neat, even fur around their bodies. They don’t look shaggy, and the fur around their ears is very short. Some cats will have longer shaggier fur, but nothing near the heavy coats of a Maine Coon.

Difference In Whiskers 

Maine Coons also have much longer whiskers than regular domestic cats. This gives them quite a distinctive look, and pairs well with their long fur. Regular domestic cats, on the other hand, have smaller, sleek whiskers and have more of a dainty look in their appearance. 

Difference In Tails 

Another stark difference between Maine Coons and other domestic cats is their tails.

Maine Coons have tails that measure up to 16 inches, whereas a regular cat’s tail measures around 12 inches. The tail of a Maine Coon is also very fluffy like the rest of its body, and it is often compared to a feather duster.  

A Maine Coon playing outside

On the other hand, regular domestic cats have much slimmer tails. Even long haired cats tend to have smaller and less fluffy tails than their larger Maine Coon counterparts.

Maine Coons also tend to have their tails raised, as if they are trying to get your attention by waving it in the air. While regular cats also do this, it is less noticeable, perhaps due to their size of it. It’s fair to say that Maine Coons have relatively dramatic tails in both appearance and movement.

Personality Differences 

While both kinds of cats are wonderful pets, there are a few differences in their personalities. Below will outline a few of these. 


All cats have the ability to be affectionate, and there may be times when a regular domestic cat is more loving than a Maine Coon. 

petting a black maine coon

However, Maine Coons are more commonly known for their loving and affectionate nature. They are often referred to as ‘gentle giants and enjoy being around their favorite humans. Some people compare them to dogs because of their loyal and loving characteristics.

You may notice that your Maine Coon won’t venture off too far, and will like to be around you while you are at home. All that being said, these cats are not clingy, they simply enjoy being around their owners. 

Regular domestic cats can sometimes act aloof and disappear for hours (although many can be just as loving). Also, note that tabbies can show up in a lot of breeds. And the breed of the cat matters a lot more on their level of affection than their color. So, it’s best to do research into the particular breed to see its specific personality.

A cat sitting on the kitchen counter


It is a known fact that most cats detest water, but that is far from the case when it comes to Maine Coons. They inherited this trait from their ancestors and can handle the water due to their thick coats that keep their skin dry. 

They’ll also enjoy the water in your home. Many enjoy being close to running taps and playing around in damp showers. 

Maine coon in the bath

While some domestic cats aren’t too bad around water, it is very rare. Other types of cats may like water or be fascinated by it. My cat, Bowser, is obsessed with running tap water and takes any opportunity to drink from it even if her water bowl is full.

So, it ultimately depends on your cat but Maine Coons are more predisposed to like water.


Maine Coons are very intelligent, and while some domestic cats can be taught a few tricks, nothing compares to the Maine Coon. These felines are incredibly smart and can be taught all kinds of tricks, as well as walking on a leash. Maine Coons love learning new things, so if you’d like a cat that has a high level of intelligence a coon is a good choice.

2 Maine Coon cats sitting together, how long does a maine coon live

Other domestic cats can be very intelligent. In particular, Siamese cats, and other related cats, are known to be extremely intelligent and curious. It all depends on the breed of cat, and the cat itself might be more or less intelligent just based on individual differences.

Final Thoughts on Maine Coon vs Tabby Cat

To conclude, there are several differences between Maine Coons and regular domestic cats. These differences range from looks to personality traits.  

We hope this article has given you useful insight into the two different kinds of cats, in order for you to make an informed decision on which one suits you and your family best! 

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There are an array of differences between the Maine Coon and regular domestic cats. This article will discuss some of them, so you can get a better insight!

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