9 Popular Maine Coon Colors

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The Maine Coon is a large-breed, longhaired cat that first originated in northeastern America – in the state of Maine, specifically. While the breed is quite old – the oldest natural breed in North America, in fact – over the years they have become a popular domesticated cat specifically because they are seen as gentle giants.

As you might suspect, they also come in a huge variety of colors, with many different coat patterns. If you’re thinking about getting a Maine Coon cat for your next pet, I’m sure you’re interested in what colors and coat patterns are available. Keep reading to see the 9 most popular Maine Coon colors.

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4 different Maine Coons sitting together, popular Maine Coon Colors

According to MaineCoon.org, the most common color of Maine Coon is brown tabby and tiger stripe, but there are dozens of other colors and patterns. The only ones not accepted by the cat associations are chocolate, lavender, and the Siamese pointed pattern, because these colors indicate cross-breeding.

We sometimes just like to admire the beauty of these majestic creatures, being one of the biggest breeds of domesticated cats. They might look formidable, especially the all-black Maine Coon, but they are truly gentle giants that prefer to lounge around and be playful. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with them!

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Popular Maine Coon Colors & Coats

As we mentioned above, Maine Coons come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some of them are more prevalent than others, and when you find a more rare color, it will likely cost more to purchase from a breeder.

Here are some of the main colors you can expect to find:

  • Solid white
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Tabby

Maine Coons can also have hybridization colors, meaning they are a mix of two colors or shades. These colors include:

  • Blue smoke
  • Gray smoke
  • Shaded silver
  • Red smoke
  • Shaded cream cameo
  • Shell silver
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Blue cream
  • Calico


Maine Coon Colours

While it may seem like a standard color, the variety of blacks a Maine Coon can come in are surprisingly quite varied and can make your cat as dark as the night or have some hints of brightness depending on how you want their fur to look.

  • Solid Black – The most common and popular black variant for Maine Coon cats, a complete black coating is not only visually appealing but it also adds a very deep sheen to the cat’s long coating.
  • Smoky Black – A slightly lighter variant, this smoky black palette will fade in darkness the closer you get to the undercoat, giving it a bit more variation and brightness than solid black.
  • Tuxedo – A bi-color which is a mixture of white and black, this coloring allows Maine Coons to still have a dark exterior on their coating but with some lighter patches dotted around for a bit of brightness too. These white spots are often either on the face, tummy, or even scattered around the cat’s long coat and occasionally on their paws. 


Maine Coon Colours

For more of a faded black that comes in a plethora of shades, brown is another common color option for Maine Coon cats that can be as light or dark as you’d like.

  • Red Tabby – An extremely ravishing look that goes beautifully with the long hanging coat of Maine Coon cats, this shade borders between a light brown and even a ginger color to create an incredibly smooth palette along with light patches thanks to the tabby patterns. Maine Coon cats in this color will often have golden or copper eyes that really compliments the lighter palette of their fur.
  • Solid Brown Tabby – While a ‘solid’ brown may seem extremely dark, for Maine Coon cats this is actually often lighter and can vary in brightness across the fur itself, being a bit darker in some spots than others. They also come with white patches on their underbelly which can also appear around their mouths and paws, giving them a very light and charming look.


Maine Coon Colours

While silver can be quite common for other cat breeds it is actually quite rare for Maine Coon cats, however, they certainly add an exotic and striking shade that looks great on their bushy hanging fur.

  • Smoky Silver – Most silver variants will be smoky, meaning the silver will largely cover their overcoating but will be mixed with a few other colors such as tints of black or even brown. The undercoat is usually far lighter and can even turn completely white as the cat grows older. 
  • Shaded Silver – This shade is actually made of two colors, solid silver will run from the bottom of the fur and it will be met with another color at the tips which is often silver cream or silver red, creating a gorgeous mix of colors.


Maine Coon Colours

It’s hard to mention Maine Coon cats without mentioning their blue color variants which are now the most sought-after colors on the market, and for good reason due to the beautiful blue sheen that covers the fur.

  • Solid Blue – While this can resemble more of a very light gray, this shade is often paired with a white underbelly or paws for a color that is not too striking but still adorable to look at as the cat strolls around the house or is going for the occasional cat nap.
  • Blue-gray – The general color scheme here is much the same as solid blue, however, the tint of gray tends to fade the shine of silver creating a striking blueish color made elegant and slightly darker thanks to the gray mixed in with the fur.


There are a staggering 75 color variants for Maine Coon cats so the chances of you finding a color palette you like the look of are extremely high, so don’t be afraid to research some color variants along with considering some of these popular options to find the Maine Coon cat that you love the look of.

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