Calico Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

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If you have ever seen a Calico Maine Coon you know that they are incredibly easy to fall in love with. Their distinctive coats and characterful faces make them an incredibly sought-after and beloved companion.

There are many people who wish to adopt a striking Calico, and if you are as obsessed with these cats as we are, you probably want to know more about them.  

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Calico Maine Coon kitten eating

In this article, we will be looking at everything Maine Coon from the patterns of their coats to their personalities. We will also look at their rarity and other quirks of this famous breed.

What Is A Calico Maine Coon?

A Calico Maine Coon cat is a specific type of Maine Coon that is defined by the colors that are present in its coat.

For a Maine Coon to be considered a Calico it must have three distinct colors in its coat. Red, black, and white should be identifiable in the colors of the fur, however, the pattern of the colors will be unique to each cat and is part of what makes them so beautiful.  

Calico Maine Coon kitten on the floor

Aside from the incredible coloration of their fur, Calico Maine Coons are renowned for their docile, friendly, and dynamic personalities. Although these cats are on the larger side when compared to other domesticated breeds, they make wonderful family pets that are as entertaining as they are loving companions.

Calico Maine Coon Patterns

There are some specific combinations of the three colors or distinctive patterns that can be classified as being Calico for the purposes of showing Maine Coons in competitions.

Dense Calico

One of the most common Calico patterns is known as the dense pattern. It is identifiable by a white color percentage ranging from 25 to 75% and a red and black color percentage ranging from 25 to 75%.

Dense calico Maine Coon licking it's paw

The characteristics of this coat pattern involve dense patches of red or black fur that feature patches of white. It is common for the patches of white to be located in areas such as the belly, legs, and chest of the cat. 

The patches on cats with dense Calico fur patterns should not overlap, rather they should have a solid distinction between them.  

Dilute Calico

Also considered to be one of the most common fur patterns among Maine Coons. The pattern is very similar to that of dense Calico fur, however, the red and black patches of fur are diluted with white.

Dilute calico Maine Coon

This means the colors are not as intense as they would be on the dense fur type. With this diluted pattern, the red is often referred to as cream and the black is referred to as blue, despite looking grayer. 

Shell Calico

The shell pattern Calico fur is characterized by a white base with patches of black and red in various shades. In the dense version of this coat, the colors are very intense and easily identifiable.

In the dilute version of shell Calico fur, the pattern remains the same, but the patches can be classified as cream and blue rather than red and black. 

Shaded Calico

The shaded Calico pattern also features a white base color and black and red patches that are similar to the shell pattern. The main difference between shaded and shell Calicos is the presence of shading on the tail, sides, and face of the cat. 

In a dense shaded Calico, the colors appear distinct like the shell coat but are darker in appearance.

In the diluted Calico coloring, the patches are diluted with white fur as with the shell pattern, but also appear to be darker than dense or dilute shell, Calico.

Smoke Calico

The smoke Calico pattern also comes in dense and dilute forms.

The pattern of these cats is similar to that of the dense Calico from a distance, however, the unbridled patches of color have a white undercoat.

Dilute Calico Maine Coon laying down

It is this undercoat that gives the fur a smoky appearance.  In the dilute variety, the white undercoat is also present and the red and black are diluted to cream and blue. 

Why Are Most Calico Maine Coons Female?

If you have ever looked into getting a Calico Maine Coon, you may have noticed that the majority of cats available are female, and there is a very good reason for this.

Calico Maine Coon sitting

Because of the mix of colors required for a Maine Coon to be considered a Calico, it is much harder to breed a male of the breed. This is because males only carry a single X chromosome that can only contain a single pigmentation variation which doesn’t allow for the mix of colors required.  

A male Calico can only occur if a genetic anomaly is present that gives them an extra X chromosome. It is this rarity that means that male Calico Maine Coons exist at a rate of 2,999 to 1. 

Calico Maine Coon Personality

It is commonly asserted among cat owners that Calico Maine Coon cats have a feistier personality than most cats including other types of Maine Coon. However, it is extremely likely that this perceived personality is a case of nurture over nature.

Because Calico Maine Coons are so sought-after and beloved they are often spoiled and fawned over by their owners. It is this treatment that leads to cats that feel more confident and willful in their actions, coming across as feisty.

Calico Maine Coon laying on a green background

Are Calico Maine Coons Rare?

Although Calico is one of the most popular colorations in Maine Coons, it is very difficult to breed true Calico coats making Calico Maine Coons rare. It is because of this rarity that Calico Maine Coons are often bought or adopted very quickly and can be more expensive than Maine Coons with different colorations.  

Final Thoughts

Calico Maine Coons are rare and sought-after thanks to their unique mix of colors and the patterns in their fur.

Breeding Calico Maine Coons is incredibly difficult and means that this type of cat will always be rarer than others.

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Calico Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

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