Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

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Scottish Fold Munchkin cats have made their mark as one of the cutest-looking cats on the planet. This cat breed, as their name suggests, is a mix between the Munchkin cat, and the Scottish Fold. They are also referred to as the Scottish Kilt or the Gaelic Fold. 

They’ve got short little legs, thanks to their Munchkin origins, folded ears, and huge beady eyes that give them this adorable ‘I want to squish you’ look. 

Both parents of the Scottish Kilt come in a variety of colors, coat types, and lengths, so you can expect to see an array of different kinds of Scottish Kilts – all are equally adorable. 

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scottish fold munchkin cat

Caring For Your Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

These little furry babies are very easy to care for. Although they are small, they are very agile and quick, being able to run and jump just like bigger cats can.

This makes for a very entertaining show as you play with them. 

They also need to be kept stimulated, as these cats love to interact and play with other cats, and their favorite humans. 


If they aren’t given enough attention, depression can set in, but you won’t have any trouble paying all your attention to these cuties, as their beady eyes and fluffy fur will have you wanting to be around them 24/7! 

If you’re leaving them home alone for a little while, be sure to leave a lot of entertainment for them, so they can continue to be stimulated while you are gone. 

When it comes to feeding them, they should only be fed wet food, and food recommended by your vet.

This is because this breed is prone to a disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease. Dry food makes this disease worse for them, so it should be avoided at all costs. 


Grey Scottish Fold kitten

As mentioned earlier, these cats come with a variety of different kinds of coats. It all depends on what they inherit from both of their parents. 

Short-haired variations of this breed will likely only need to be brushed around once a week.

Long-haired cats, however, need more frequent brushing – around 3 or 4 times a week, depending on how much they shed

They also need their nails trimmed frequently, and their teeth brushed.

However, this can sometimes be a traumatic experience for all parties involved, so you can opt for giving them dental treats if this is the case. 

As their ears are cutely folded, you’ll need to pay more attention to them than you would to regular cats. 

Occasionally they can become infected and attract fleas and mites, so every few days you should inspect and clean them if need be. 

Weight, Size, And Lifespan

Grey Scottish Fold cat in a bag

As if these little babies couldn’t get any cuter, they are actually tiny. They tend to weigh around 6 to 9 lbs, with females weighing even less at 4 to 8lbs. 

They only grow to around 7 inches tall due to their tiny legs, but their bodies are more or less the same length as regular Scottish Folds. 

These cats are likely to live to around 10 or 15 years old, and if they are cared for exceptionally well, they have the ability to live longer.

Their size makes them the perfect cuddle pet, and their personality will definitely allow you to do so. 

Where To Find A Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat?

Scottish Fold cat

It’s no surprise that this breed is pretty rare, so you’d need to find a breeder that has dwarf kittens. They also can be an expensive cat, as breeders can charge up to $1000 for one.

The more ‘munchkin’ the cat looks, the more they can charge for them, as they are very in demand due to their cuteness. 

However, if there are shelters nearby, you should try your luck and see if they have any Scottish Fold Munchkins there. It could be your lucky day, and you’d be giving a cat a home. 

Is This Breed Good For Families? 

This breed is a perfect option for families, due to the playful and affectionate nature of these creatures. 

They love to be active and play, while still enjoying a nice cuddle on the couch with their favorite people. This makes them the ideal family pet. 

A brown Scottish fold munchkin cat

However, if you do have small children, you should always keep an eye on them if they are playing with the cat, as you want everyone to be happy and safe. 

Health Issues

Aside from the kidney disease we mentioned earlier in this article, there are a few other health issues you need to be wary of when thinking about welcoming this breed into your home. 

These lovely cats can sometimes be prone to arthritis, lordosis, and osteodystrophy. Lordosis refers to issues with a cat’s back, and osteodystrophy affects the bones of this particular breed. 

To keep on top of these issues, you should always be on the lookout for any signs of pain in your cat.

They are very good at hiding pain, so your best bet is to look out for any behavioral changes in your pet, such as sudden aggression or isolation. 

If you notice any changes, you should see your vet immediately, as they will be aware of the issues that are subject to your specific cat breed. 

Unfortunately, if any of these issues do affect your cat, then they may need pain medication for the rest of their life. 

The head of a brown Scottish Fold cat laying down

Final Thoughts 

No one can deny that the Scottish Fold Munchkin, is one of the cutest, best-looking cat breeds out there. 

Their personalities are equally adorable as how they look, as they love playing around and being active, as well as enjoying a nice cuddle with their owners. 

If you’re looking to welcome one of these lovely cats into your home, your first step should be to check out your local shelters.

While the likelihood that they’ll have one is low, if you were to find one, you’d be giving a cat in need, a loving home. 

If there aren’t any in shelters, then contact a reputable breeder, and always obtain the appropriate medical records before putting your money down. 

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Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

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