Mixed Siamese Cats: Everything You Need to Know

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Mixed Siamese cats are any cats that have Siamese genes, regardless of what the cat is mixed with. They carry the traits of both the Siamese cat and the other cat types in their genes, making them quite variable. If you’ve found yourself wondering if mixed Siamese cats make good pets, this article takes a look to see if they’re the right choice for you.

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A Siamese cat sitting down, mixed siamese cats

Their purebred counterparts are plentiful in media, with their distinguishable sphinxlike look, but mixed Siamese cats are far more difficult to identify. To find out more, keep reading as we delve into the world of mixed Siamese cats below. 

What Are Siamese Mixed Cats?

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Siamese cats themselves have been around for over 10 centuries, being used originally as guardians to sacred temples. Highly desirable amongst Egyptian royalty, they were often offered as gifts. 

A mixed siamese is essentially any cat that has siamese genes, they can be mixed with a variety of other cats and as a result, will display a wealth of different personalities.

It could be the case that your cat barely looks like a siamese at all, but shares all of the typical characteristics associated with a siamese. 

What Kind Of Personality Do Mixed Siamese Cats Have?

A Siamese cat with blue eyes

Mixed siamese cats can display many different kinds of personalities based on their parentage.

Since one of their parents is a Siamese, however, you can expect them to share some traits associated with this breed. 

Siamese cats are a highly intelligent breed of cat, they are perfect if you are somebody who enjoys training your cat to learn new tricks and skills. They can master new things faster than other cat breeds, so this does mean that they can sometimes get bored when there is no mental stimulation. 

Siamese cats are also known for being highly talkative, so if they want something they will be sure to tell you! Whether they are hungry, bored, or seeking attention, they are very vocal pets.

They do not like to be left to their own devices either, so will tend to follow you around the house. If you are somebody who doesn’t mind giving a bit of extra affection, this breed will be great for you. Siamese cats are also highly playful, so if you are intending on getting either a pure or mixed variety of the breed, make sure that you have plenty of toys around to keep them occupied. 

Siamese kitten

Do Mixed Siamese Cats Get On Well With Other Pets?

Although they are highly affectionate and loving towards their owners, Siamese cats can sometimes struggle to get on with other pets in the house.

This is easily rectified though, just make sure that if you bring her home to an existing pet, keep their toys and accessories separate for a while, and introduce them gradually.

Do this, and they’ll become a part of the family in no time. 

What Do Mixed Siamese Cats Look Like? 

Flame Point Siamese Cat

If you are somebody who already owns a cat that you suspect to be part siamese or have found one in a shelter that you think might be mixed with this breed, there are a few identifiable characteristics to determine this. 

Firstly, Siamese cats have very distinctive eyes that differ from other cat breeds. Their eyes are a striking blue and are shaped like an almond, making this one of their most attractive features. 

Another feature to consider is the color of the cat. Siamese cats display a feature called pointed coloration, which means that their limbs, tail, and ears are all darker in color than the rest of their bodies. 

You may also be able to identify your cat by the shape of its head. Siamese cats come in two different distinctive types, modern and traditional.

Modern Siamese cats have wedge-shaped heads, whereas traditional Siamese cats have triangular-shaped heads. If the shape of your cat’s head is a distinctive feature, it might have a parent from the Siamese family. 

Flame Point Siamese Cat

If you find yourself unable to identify the lineage of your cat based on the information above, but still have a sneaking suspicion that they might be part Siamese, it is possible to have them DNA tested.

This is essentially like an ancestry test but for cats. Bear in mind that these tests can sometimes be a bit costly, but if you’re very eager to find out more about your feline friend, they are an accurate method of identification. 

Are Mixed Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

It is not often that you find a truly hypoallergenic cat breed. Instead of the cat’s hair itself causing the issue, it’s usually the protein found in the skin, saliva, and urine that causes a problem.

Oriental breeds like the Siamese are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other types of cat breeds on the whole. 

Can A Mixed Siamese Cat Be Let Outside? 

Siamese cat sitting outside

In short – Yes. There is no issue whatsoever with leaving your mixed Siamese cat outside. It is a great opportunity for them to get the exercise they need to stimulate their brain and exercise their muscles.

Considering that Siamese cats are known for being energetic and needing lots of things to occupy their time, it is probably best that they are let out of doors to expel this pent-up energy. 

How Much Does A Mixed Siamese Cat Cost?

This can vary greatly depending on the breeder and the mix itself. We recommend, however, always looking in your local shelter first to see if there is one that needs rescuing.

This will be far cheaper than buying a kitten from a breeder. Adoption costs can range anywhere from $60 to a relative maximum. 

Linx Point Siamese

Make sure that you’ve taken all the additional costs into consideration before buying too, such as veterinary bills, food, toys, and bedding. 

Final Thoughts

Mixed Siamese cats come in a variety of different mixes, with some common ones being tabby, Persian and Himalayan.

If your cat does share a parent of the Siamese variety, however, you can expect them to display many of the loveable traits this breed is known for.

Intelligent, affectionate, and playful, a mixed siamese would make a great new addition to the family. 

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