Chocolate Point Siamese: Everything You Need to Know

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How much do you know about different types of cats? This particular type, the Chocolate point Siamese is definitely not what you think of when you picture your run of the mill cat. These cats have beautiful and unique coats, as well as being funny and cuddly, making a great pet.

This guide will be covering all of the information possible about the Chocolate point Siamese cat breed including why they are desired and what makes them quite a special type.

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Chocolate Siamese cat outside

If you’re someone looking to have this type of cat in your home, this will also give you a good idea about what you’re in for and what to expect. Siamese cats are beautiful, unique cats that will bring a lot of love and joy to your house.

Are They Rare?

Yes, the Chocolate Point Siamese cat is very rare and was not even recognized as a cat breed until the 1950s. There is not too much history to go through with this particular breed because the earliest records that people have of them only date back to the late 1800s.

They are very popular in the sense of the number of people who would want one. But, unfortunately, this breed comes with a hefty price tag! You could be paying up to $2000 to adopt or buy one. 

Chocolate Siamese cat laying outside

Size Of Chocolate Point Siamese

The size of Chocolate Point Siamese cats grows up to approximately 8-10 inches in height which is not overly tall and 4-8 pounds in weight. Therefore, they are relatively small and lightweight cats. Their look is very distinctive with a complete cream body with chocolate markings, and a dark head and tail.

They can live anywhere between 13-19 years and are great if you’re looking for a companion to have for a long period of time. It all depends on how well you look after your cat and care for them. 

Personality Traits Of Chocolate Point Siamese 

Chocolate point Siamese cats are known for being very beautiful and surprising to most people with their piercing blue eyes. Not only do people absolutely love their exterior coats of different colored fur, but they also love the way they act and interact with the humans around them.

Chocolate Siamese cat face

It is really important to have the right type of pet in your home to make sure there is a balance kept. They are very active pets and would most likely be great with kids and other animals in the home so you wouldn’t have to worry about integrating them if you had any other pets that are not cats. 

Most people love to give and receive attention from their pets and you can’t do that with all types of cats, but this type is one of them. They love the care and attention and can be very cuddly when they want to be and can also get very attached to their owners.

You need to make sure there is a box full of toys as well because they are very playful and tend to get bored quite easily. Therefore, you need to make sure they are fully occupied. You also need to make sure they are kept entertained throughout the day with toys so they don’t get up to any trouble when they are bored.

Here are 5 ways to keep your cat entertained. We like these chew toys for Siamese cats.

Chocolate Siamese playing with a toy

However, the overall thought of their traits is that they are easy to manage and are very lovable pets to have. While their personalities don’t differ much based on the color variant, you might find that your chocolate point Siamese has a delicate and joyful personality all her own.

What About Kittens? 

Most people like to have pets from kittens or puppies so they are connected from a very early age. In this case, this type of cat as a kitten is extremely energetic and full of life. They are also quite outspoken cats/kittens and have loud conversations out of the window or with their owner which is always very entertaining.

Chocolate Siamese kitten

They are also known for always being at the heel and following the owner around when they are bored or lonely. This will also come down to training them as they grow up. They aren’t the easiest animals to train but it is definitely doable in certain scenarios for people who take great pride in how their pets are cared for. 

How Intelligent Are Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

They are known for being very curious cats, always wanting to know what is going on around them.

Even though it is hard to keep this kind of cat still for very long, they are quite smart which can make the training process easier. This is because of their high intelligence levels and can learn some cool tricks if you have the time to teach them.

Chocolate Siamese sitting on a patio

Another great feature they carry is that they will not shy away from people. Many cats will just run off and hide somewhere until the visitors have gone, but not the Chocolate Point Siamese. They are very sociable cats and will happily welcome visitors into their home by greeting them. 

Another great thing is how they let you know if something isn’t right. For example, if they are hungry or the water is too warm in their bowl, they will definitely let you know. This communication is great between owners and cats because they have an understanding with each other after a while.

What Do Chocolate Point Siamese Cats Eat?

They will enjoy dry and wet food with no added extras and no artificial food or colors.

You need to make sure they are having a very balanced diet and they are getting everything they need nutrients wise and should never be eating grains. 

Easy To Groom?

They do tend to shed quite a bit and quite regularly which can be a problem for some people.

Chocolate Siamese kitten waving

However, if you keep on top of brushing your cat then the shedding will become less of a problem and reduce the amount of hair left in your home and on your belongings and clothing. 


Overall, Chocolate Point Siamese cats would be perfect for many different home dynamics and types of families with other pets. It is always important to look over every aspect before looking to have any type of pet to make sure they are suitable for you and everyone else in your home.

From this piece, it’s very obvious that these types of cats are not the norm, they are loving and active. Their intelligence is what makes them so desirable and their beautiful, sleek adult coats.  

Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide whether this type of cat could be for you or whether you just know a bit more information about a Chocolate point Siamese now. They are great pets, will always be at your feet, wanting to play, and are perfect for anyone with kids to play all day.

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